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Public Announcement

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Public Announcement is a name that you’ll never forget and their sound is one that you’ll always remember. From their 1998 debut cd, All Work, No Play to today, Public Annoucement has earned and maintained a reputation in the music business and among fans for their heart-wrenching ballads and attention to quality production.

Feloney Davis, the group’s lead singer and resident writer, said the group’s third album, stays true to the sound that they introduced through such hits as the ever-popular “John Doe.”

“Our first album, All Work, No Play, was a very consistent album. It was our first time out, our first time working together and we had a chemistry and it was consistent. We became known for our ballads.”

On the second cd, 2001’s Don’t Hold Back, the group explored new musical terrain. “With that record we were starting to realize that people were getting into club songs and that was a format that we hadn’t mastered,” says Feloney. “The last record that Public Announcement was known for at radio was ‘John Doe’ so people thought when Public Announcement came back we were gonna come back with those ballads. We came back with ‘Mamacita’ and our core audience was like, ‘wait a minute’.”

Flipping the script with their music only endeared Public Announcement to their fans and exposed them to a new set of listeners. But this time around the foursome plans to go back to basics. “We want to go back to that first album,” says Feloney who vows that they will be “very, very careful about their selection of uptempos. “We’ve gotta make sure the songs are believable because people know us for ballads. Our music can’t be too young; it can’t be too hip hop. I don’t care what’s out there. We’re definitely trying to concentrate on consistency with this record.”

Group member Earl L.C. agrees. “This album is gonna be along the same lines as our previous albums but we stepped it up as far as our uptempos go. On the other two albums we never really had a structure for our ballads so on this album we made it our business to make sure we had those club joints.” One such ‘club joint’ is the irresistible “Put Your Drinks Down,” a sure-fire party-starter.

In true Public Announcement fashion, the guys serve up the romance on “What’s It Gonna Take.” “It’s a man’s point of view talking to the woman,” says Mar K. “We’re basically saying ‘I’m a good man. What more is it gonna take to show you that?’

And the ‘good man’ shows his face again as the group pays homage to great R&B with their remake of Rene and Angela’s “You Don’t Have to Cry.” The guys maintain the integrity and passion of the original while adding their own updated flavor to the vocal and musical arrangement. Says Earl, “Being that we’re old school and we like those songs, Glenn came in with some real cool arrangements to update the song. This time it’s the man talking to the woman.”

On “What If He Knew” the group explores the deception that takes place in some relationships. “It’s basically saying that it goes on everyday as far as male and females doing things behind their lover’s back,” says Earl of this naughty ballad.

Making their return in an industry that is heavily dominated by hip hop music is not a concern for Public Announcement. “Everybody is totally excited,” says Glenn Mac. “As far as people accepting us, I think the music speaks for itself. You’re dealing with a nice bunch of guys who put out good music.” Mar K adds, “Public Announcement is a household name so we don’t have a fear of people trying to connect us to the music that’s out now because good music is good music. People are gonna feel it.”

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