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Project 86

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Project 86's self-titled debut album has sold 30,000 copies to date, making them one of the top three selling artists on the BEC roster. In the short time since its release, the album earned exceptional praise in the underground press, and their radio singles have charted on the CMJ charts, Album Network charts, and Hits Magazine charts. Project 86's music has been used on such MTV shows as the Real World and Road Rules, in addition to M2 giving their video play. The band also made the Box video charts, where their video was a "Box Breaker." The rapid success of Project 86's debut album sets the stage for their follow-up album - Drawing Black Lines - to become one of 2000's biggest commercial breakthroughs for a heavy and aggressive band.

Drawing Black Lines takes the foundation of the band's sound and builds on it with more dimension and originality. The result is an album that stands onits own with little nod to the more popular heavy bands which every other band seems to copycat. Project 86 finds their roots in the early hardcore andhip-hop music of NYC, with such influences as early Helmet, Public Enemy, Cro-Mags, and Sick of it All. Project 86's sound incorporates some harder rap vocals, heavy guitar tones, and musical build-ups that explode with releasesof pent-up rage. Still, each individual song goes beyond any formula to include more commercial elements or vocal hooks or anything else that will give the music more impact and appeal.

Project 86's progressive sound opened the door for them to record Drawing Black Lines with famed producer GGGarth (Rage Against the Machine, the Melvins, Sick of it All) and his army of techs and engineers at a state-of-the-art studio tucked away in Vancouver, Canada. GGGarth helped add a considerable pop element to many of the songs without giving up any of their heavy edge. Likewise, GGGarth's staff did everything they could to expand and round out Project 86's sound, which included recruiting the help of famed programmer Foo (Marilyn Manson, Orgy) to do programming and drum loops on the album. With credit to everyone who worked on the album, Project 86 now has one of the best heavy albums ever, which sets the band up as the next brand name in hard-edged music.

Project 86 strives to address real life issues in their songs, but they approach them in a positive, spiritual way aimed at giving people hope and direction. As the public grows sick of bands that promote violence and nihilism, Project 86 receives even more credit for shaping their lyrics to make a positive impact on their fans. Schwab comments, "Our songs come from seeing the world around me, my interaction with God, and the spiritual lenses through which I view life. We make comments on popular culture while trying to make statements that are relevant to the world as a whole."

With Drawing Black Lines (which has a subtle spiritual connotation of its own), Project 86 addresses many issues regarding spiritual and cultural issues. The song "One Armed Man" makes a symbolic gesture towards the spiritual deadness of the world. The song describes a person walking down a street where everyone is a zombie reaching out and asking for help. The song "PS" even tackles the issue of pornography and what it does to the human mind. The song, which sees pornography as part of a cycle of abuse, features a girl whispering in Japanese about how she has no justice as one abused and exploited by pornography.

With their self-titled debut, Project 86 focused their touring on select markets, doing their biggest road trip with Atlantic Recording artists P.O.D. With Drawing Black Lines, Project 86 plans to do the most extensive touring yet to ensure their new album will be the breakthrough everyone believes it will be. Project 86 has the songs, the sound, and the energy to revolutionize aggressive music with a major dose of innovation and style. The time has come for something fresh and new to revitalize the scene, and Project 86 is the band with the artillery to make it happen.

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