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Powerman 5000

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Powerman 5000 exploded onto the Boston music scene like a kung fu kick to the head. Their music packs pulsating beats crossbred with power groove guitars and sledgehammer vocals. They call it "action rock."

"Being in a band is as close as I could get to being an actual superhero," explains PM5K singer-lyricist Spider. "That's what this is all about for me - it's like being in the Avengers or the Defenders."

Word of Powerman 5000's emergence spread quickly throughout the Boston underground and beyond. Soon PM5K was playing to packed clubs in the New England area, which brought them to the attention of upstart Boston indie label Curve of the Earth Records. In October of 1994, Curve released the True Force EP. Produced on a budget of $600 and recorded in an astounding two days, the EP was a local smash and received significant critical acclaim.

This attention did not go unnoticed. Several major labels came to call. However, feeling the time wasn't right to make the jump to the big leagues, Powerman decided to wait and fine-tune their musical killing machine.

Spider recalls: "Back in the early days, it wasn't important for us to be on some major label. What was important was to become the best band we could be. Playing live and writing was our priority." The nitro-charged monster that resulted from their labors was The Blood Splat Rating System, a full-length album of gut-wrenching psychotic fury. This stylistic hybrid won them Best Metal Album, Best Rap Album and Best Album of the Year nods in the Boston Phoenix Readers Poll, as well as legions of new hardcore followers. 'The greatest thing about our fans is they are so down with the band," says bassist Dorian. "They know every word and every note. There's nothing better than playing to kids like that."

Blood Splat quickly sold out its initial pressing. Once again, the majors came swooping down like hungry vultures. But this time the band was ready. 'We were all psyched about the record and knew it was time to take it to the next level," relates drummer Al. After weighing their options, Powerman signed to DreamWorks Records via A&R rep Ron Handler.

Their major label debut, entitled Mega!! Kung.-Fu Radio, is a supercharged version of The Blood Splat Rating System. It features completely remixed and remastered versions of the Blood Splat cuts, along with two new songs and a few surprises. Mega!! Kung Fu Radio was co-produced by Powerman 5000 and Mudrock and recorded at Fort Apache, Prophet Sound and New Alliance studios.

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