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Phunk Junkeez

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With the help of their longtime friends at SRH Productions & Suburban Noize Records home of the Kottonmouth Kings. The Junkeez are set to release a bangin' new CD for 2003!!!!! As a preview to the forthcoming album, the Junkeez have been on tour all summer. tour dates and samples of the new music are available on the band's site (created BY the band, FOR the fans): or check out Front man "Soulman" explains their potent mix of punk, hip-hop and rock. "What we do is music for everybody, we don't come with any message except 'have a good time.' There are enough rock stars, what we need are entertainers. We come to the party and we rock it. You know how if you have a great party, the cops show up to tell you to keep it down? When we party, it just can't be that good unless the cops come." He speaks from experience.

Formed in 1991, Arizona's rap-rock pioneers quickly became an underground phenomenon fusing non-conformist phunk-punk, with the sounds of trip-hop and straight up rock n' roll. In the early days, the PHUNK JUNKEEZ would buy a few kegs of beer, spread the word about a party going down, break into a warehouse and perform there. The police would arrive soon after and threaten to throw them all in jail. Soulman recalls, "We would fire off another song and then bolt out the back door. Our friends would run out the front, and we'd meet up later at Burger King and collect our money."

Soulman has been a hip-hop head since the days of being a DJ in Phoenix clubs with fellow DJ known as "Roachclip". Both Soulman and Roachclip are Alaska natives. Remarkably, they discovered that they grew up in the same trailer park there. They never met face to face at the time, but have identical recollections now of certain distinctive residents and neighbors from childhood. "Jumbo" Jim brings the power to the phunk. With old school phlaver and a new school tone, "Jumbo" is known to slap any crowd into submission. Danny P has been playing guitar since he arrived on this planet. People claim to have seen him spit fire from his guitar. When the "Tempe Frog Pound" founder steps on stage you better watch out! This guy is a nutcase. Milky, younger brother of Soulman, adds the grit to the Junkeez hip-hop-hardcore side.

Over the years the PHUNK JUNKEEZ, sometimes containing up to eight un-official members and traveling with a nine man crew, have continued to duck and dodge local authorities with their trademark Junkee style warehouse parties and speak-easy type underground night club shows. As their pressure-cooked desert "phunk" began to scorch the southwest, constant touring and self-promotion with no radio support has paid off . Suburban Noize Records has recently signed the PHUNK JUNKEEZ to a record deal. The new album "Rock It Science" is set to drop in early 2003. The Junkeez have known the Kottonmouth Kings and SRH Productions for years. Expect the Junkeez to continue their explosive underground shows across the nation, and still stay true to fans that make them the hottest band in the world PHUNK JUNKEEZ!!!!!!!!.

The BEST place for all the latest info on the Phunky Phive is obviously from the official site: maintained by THE BAND THEMSELF. They hold their fans in the highest regard. So come on, and give them a try. Before you know it, you too may become one of the "JUNKEEZ 4 LIFE"!

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