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Monster Magnet

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Dave Wyndorf- vocals/guitars Ed Mundell- lead guitar Joe Calandra- bass Jon Kleiman- drums, percussion Tim Cronin - visuals/propaganda

LOUDER THAN EVER - HEAVIER THAN EVER - HUMAN EMOTION UNLEASHED - JOY - GREED - LUST - HATRED !!!! Exploding at a stereo near you is Monster Magnetís fourth missive, POWERTRIP! Real rock & roll reclaime

"Iím never gonna work another day in my life."- Powertrip

When Monster Magnet finished their world tour in 1996, Dave Wyndorf got off the tour bus and crawled into his home happily. Once inside, he turned on his radio for a dose of the "now" sound. Within a week, Dave had resigned from the music biz. "This is rock radio?," he raged, "It sounds like the whole countryís on Prozac, screw it!" To even further his disgust, he looked long and hard at Monster Magnetís financial state. "I sat down and looked at my bills," said Dave, "spoke to record company people, which I hadnít done in a long time, and realized that no matter how good you think youíre doing, itís never good enough for Big Business." While the boys in Monster Magnet were rocking the Free world, the multi-national conglomerates had given their command to the music industry: sell more or die. "You canít be happy with a lot," complains Dave. "You have to have more, in fact; thereís never enough. Itís gone completely out of control. I was kind of blissfully ignorant of that stuff Ďcause I was just out having a good time (on tour)."

"Bullshit may last forever, but my fuse gets shorter everyday. Iíll be glad to take your money, but gladder to burn it all away." - Atomic Clock

Quitting, however, was never on the Monster Magnet menu. Wyndorf soon found that sitting at home after a tour was a lot like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now, waiting to get back in the jungle. "I asked for another mission, and for my sins they gave me one." POWERTRIP looks hard at the corruption of the American Dream. It demands to be listened to all at once as it builds a nightmarish vision of societyís relentless hunger for MORE: more money, more sex, more power. Written in Las Vegas, where dreams go to die, and recorded in L.A., where everyone wants to be someone else, POWERTRIP is Wyndorfís most personal journey, as he explores the darkest impulses within all of us, and consequently himself.

"If you want to spank your demons and make them pay, well baby Iím your man of the hour. Some people go to bed with Lucifer,then cry when they donít greet the day with GOD." - Bummer

"I decided to go into the belly of the beast," says Dave. "I booked myself onto a flight to Las Vegas, the heart of the failed American Dream, and got a hotel room about ten miles outside of town. I would watch Vegas from the balcony of my room, it looked like a big nuclear sunset in the distance, and said, ĎI have to write a song every day before I go to town.í I made myself get up every morning and complete a song before I let myself go into the city to watch naked women and see everyone lose all their money. I did this for 21 days, and by the end of 21 days, I had 21 songs." Wyndorf continues, "I was pumped nightly by all this artificial craziness, not to mention the bills I had at home, and all the expectations of a major label record deal. Excitement took over and I just wrote all these songs. Itís a diary of where my heart and mind was at for a certain time." After exorcizing his demons in Vegas, the songwriter flew home to N.J. and his Monster Magnet cohortís Joe Calandra (bass), Jon Kleiman (drums), and Ed Mundell (lead guitar) where the songs for POWERTRIP were hammered out in swift style.

"When you get tired of their crap, baby move over here and maybe buy some of mine." - Powertrip

In a decade that has seen pop music turn smug and insincere (nouveau ska, electronica, ersatz soul), it was only a matter of time before a band responded with a 69-megaton declaration of ROCK. From the lease breaking power of the opening track "Crop Circle," to the apocalyptic first single "Space Lord" to the surf garage freakout of "19 Witches" to the B-movie sex throb of "Goliath and the Vampires," Monster Magnetís behemoth riffs and mountain shattering grooves once again dominate the planet. Real rock & roll reclaimed.

"Iím squeezed out in hump drive, and Iím drowning in love." - Space Lord

"Iím a big fan of the guitar," says Dave of the cosmically powered riff-a-rama that fuels POWERTRIP. "Itís extremely physical, the guitar is the only instrument you actually wear, itís part of you. I can attack people with a guitar, among other things. Itís the staff of life, baby!"

"Iíve been stuffed in your pocket for the last hundred days. When I donít get my bath I take it out on the slaves." - Space Lord

This time out Dave wanted to capture that elusive vibe you feel when the amps are plugged in, the knobs are switched over to the far side of the universe and the sound of real rock-n-roll kicks your ass into the next millennium. "Spontaneity is everything," declares Wyndorf, "I really wanted to keep it a physical album and not over produce it or polish every single thing. I wanted it to sound like a live set, which I found out was a little bit harder to do than anything Iíve done before." Producing the album himself, with co-conspirator Matt Hyde (Porno for Pyros), Dave fired five different mixers until he found Randy Staub (Metallica), the one man capable of going on the same vision quest as himself. "Iíd go in and say, ĎLook, this record was written in Vegas with me absolutely broke and really, really horny. I recorded this album standing up...Itís judgement day, bring on the rapture.í Randy was the man I needed all along, like Matt Hyde, he unflinchingly looked into the all seeing eye of Agamotto borrowed from Dr. Strange and survived."

"Come on baby skim the top with me, Iíll tell you stories Ďbout victory." - Third Eye Landslide

Mission accomplished. Bigger, badder, and more bodacious than ever before, POWERTRIP is the ultimate psych-sexual culmination of earlier Monster Magnet testaments like SPINE OF GOD (1991), SUPERJUDGE (1993), and the breakthrough DOPES TO INFINITY (1995). That albumís anthemic single and space-age video, "Negasonic Teenage Warhead," pulled the Red Bank, N.J. reared Monster Magnet out of the underground and thrust them significantly into the ears, eyes, and minds of rock America for the first time.

"Well Iíve wasted enough of my time on the edge of forever,and Iíve paid all the Goddamn dues that I wanna pay." - Temple of Your Dreams

Of course, itís all about paying dues, and Monster Magnetís done plenty of that. After five straight years on the road, in the U.S. and Europe, with everyone from Soundgarden to White Zombie, Monster Magnet is one of the most sought after live attractions on the American scene, and a headlining favorite on the European festival circuit. All that live energy between band and audience over the course of 18 gazillion shows has turned Monster Magnet into a force to be reckoned with, a screaming, blazing asteroid thatís hitting earth well before the atomic click strikes midnight.

"Give me the strength to split the world in two, I ate all the rest and now Iíve gotta eat you." - Space Lord

"Itís about money, itís about sex, itís about money, itís about sex," concludes Dave about Magnetís new masterpiece. But indeed itís much more. POWERTRIP is sarcastic and unforgiving, a brutal commentary on American power lust which grips us all from the haves to the have nots.

Monster Magnetís POWERTRIP, your cosmic lap dance is waiting.

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