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Micky Dolenz

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While most Americans would know him best as an actor/singer, there is another side to Mickey Dolenz...and it's been on the other side of the cameras and the other side of the Atlantic.

In addition to his well-known success as a performer in American/film/recordings and on the British stage, Dolenz has spent the last 12 years as a prominent director/producer in the U.K. "I've had the best of both worlds," he says. "The opportunity to work in two different forms of the same medium and fuse the best of each into something unique...a new style...a new approach."

Mickey Dolenz was born in Los Angelas and literally grew up on American Television, starring in his first series, "Circus Boy," when he was 10. The show ran on NBC-TV for three years. In 1966, Mickey was chosen from over 400 applicants for a sought after role in the NBC-TV series, "The Monkees." "I was hired as an actor to play the role of a drummer." says Mickey. By the age of 19, he had become an international phenomenon, selling over 60 million records as lead singer of THE MONKEES.

The success of "The Monkees" enabled Mickey to extend his career credits--directing an episode of the show, as well as several commercials. A series of spots he directed for NASA featured such notables as Charlton Heston, Jessie Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Whoopi Goldberg and Willie Nelson explaining the benefits medicine has derived from the space program. Mickey also appeared in the cult film, "Head" (written by Jack Nicholson) with fellow-Monkees Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith.

In 1976, Dolenz moved to the U.K. to star in Harry Nilsson's west end musical, "The Point." He made his British directorial debut with the BBC drama, "Story Without a Hero." "I had a wonderful time at the launched my career as a director," Micky says. "Commercial consideration was not the driving force. Innovation was the name of the game and it made for a refreshing and stimulating atmosphere."

Mickey co-created, produced and directed London Weekend Television's award-winning series, "Metal Mickey." Continuing to focus on situation comedy/family-oriented programming, Micky served as a producer, director and/or creator of a series of projects, including the LWT sitcom "No Problem!" and Central TV's "Luna" ("a fantasy series about a little girl living in the future...kind of 'The Jetsons' meets 'Happy Days' "). Micky also acquired the re-make rights of "Fernwood Tonight," starring Martin Mull and went on to produce and direct an original English version for channel 4. "I had planned on staying in the U.K. for three months," he says. "Twelve years later I was still there!"

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