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Well lets see...Mest formed in the summer of 1995. 4 kids from the south side of Chicago. Tony Lovato:vocals&guitar, Steve Lovato:vocals&guitar, Matt lovato:bass, and Nick Giggler:drums. Mest started playing out that following winter in front of a handful of fuckers, here and there on the south side. Moving ahead, the year was 1997. Tony met John Feldmann after a Goldfinger concert in Chicago. Ever since that point Tony tried to keep in contact with Feldmann. By this time Mest had a decent following around the south side. In the latter part of 1997 the band was going through some musical differences and decided to part ways with Steve Lovato, Tony's brother, and go on as a three piece band. they continued as a 3 piece until January of 98. While playing as a 3 piece Tony still felt that there should be a 2nd guitar player. A friend of the band, Jeremiah Rangel, auditioned for the band. He really couldn't play guitar worth a shit, but they decided to let him into the band because of musical similarities and friendship. So with a new shitty guitar player on board Mest continued on. In Febuary of 98 the band began working on their 1st full length record called mo money mo 40's, recorded in March of 98 at Starr Traxx Studios in Crestwood, IL. Shortly after coming out of the studio Tony was contacted by John Feldmann and asked if Mest would like to open up for them at the House of Blues in April. we were pretty much shitting in our pants, and of course we said yes. After the show ended John told us to keep sending him new demos, and literally the next year he got us a demo deal with Maverick Records.after hearing only 2 songs Maverick signed Mest to a record contract. John Feldmann is our sugar daddy, and there are no words that could describe how much thanx goes out to him. except for maybe dick, pussy, shit head, and dick licker. just kidding. That pretty much sums our shit up for now, for the most part.


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