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Good new bands are usually few and far between. And from my best guess the world wonít see another after this one for a good two years. Okay it is not that wonderful, but it is pretty darn good. Luxx has done something that most wannabe musicians donít, they can play and play well. Lead singer Katrina Chester is powerful singer that is not afraid of using her voice for good as well as evil. Songs like "Secret Garden" and "My Indian" are powerful ballads that could put a baby to sleep. But be ready to jump up and skip some songs because most of the rest of the album is hard hitting and edgy.

What does that mean? Hell if I know, but that is what the other reviews are saying and that seemed about to explain the expressiveness of the guitar solos by Ian Hatton, formerly from Bonham, and drum beats provided by Dave Silver in songs like "Inside Your Head" and "Will I Burn". Luxx is rounded off with bassist Tony Fennel, who happens to be a composer of Miramax motion picture soundtracks. Quite a group, huh?

And for those music connoisseurs like myself check out track nine of their new album and you will be in for a nice surprise to hear an adapted version of Lesley Goreís hit "Itís My Party". This particular song is a special tribute to Katrinaís late father Gary Chester, a popular drummer in the sixties, who played in the original version. I enjoyed the album incredibly as will you when in a few months the album will be in all the stores and this yearís new must have. So you might as well get it now and avoid the rush.

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