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Little Isidore & the Inquisitors

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In the three short years since his reemergence from mystifying exile, Little Isidore and The Inquisitors have taken America by storm. Their spellbinding recordings and supercharged stage show have left audiences from coast to coast in pulsating puddles of pleasure. The legendary live show embodies more excitement, humor and beauty than rock and roll has offered in decades.

When that mischief making rascal Little Isidore walks onto a stage, his mesmerizing star power causes gasps of wonder and joy. When he and the other vocalists sing their hits, backed by the band's world-class musicianship, it's truly an embarrassment of riches - awesome performances and seamless tracks woven together with careful idiomatic correctness.

Little Isidore and The Inquisitors is sexy, hip and poignant. It's a blues and rhythm phenomenon, a rock and roll epiphany. And it's all yours, because Little Isidore loves you so.

"Little Isidore is a national treasure...He fronts the best classic rock and roll and rhythm and blues band I've ever heard." Felix Hernandez--Nationally Syndicated Rhythm Review

"Little Isidore is the greatest performer in show business living or dead." Jerry Blavatt--The Geator with The Heater

"NO ONE GETS HURT is the best rock and roll record ever made." Dion

"Little Isidore is the most important star to emerge in rhythm and blues in the last 10 years." CBS-FM Radio's Cousin Brucie

"A group of today that makes you believe in yesterday. These guys are the best." CBS-FM Radio's Don K Reed

"Just when you thought you've seen and heard it all, along comes Little Isidore, and you have." Soupy Sales

"Little Isidore and the Inquisitors...They be the BEST." Kenny "The Real" Kramer

"If Little Isidore didn't exist, he would have to have been invented." David Forman

"That son of a bitch owes me money." Turk Douglas

"Sign him." Danny Goldberg, President - Mercury Records

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