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Kelly Osbourne

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To say Kelly Osbourne speaks her mind is not untrue. To say she has sass is probably an understatement. To proclaim Kelly a champion of the unsaid, a colorful, candor-less child of calling it as she sees it is hitting the bulls-eye. She is a creation unto herself, from her daredevil fashion statements to her devil-may-care, uncultivated self-image to her unplanned, newfound fame as a television celebrity via the smash show The Osbournes Kelly has beaten her own path, leading an ever-growing legion of teenagers to a self-discovery that came naturally to Kelly.

With the upcoming November 26 release of Shut Up!, led by the title-track single/video Kelly Osbourne is primed and ever-ready to launch an album that's both in step with the times yet charging a new outlet for females in Rock. But mostly, it's a fun escape into the vivacious, charismatic world of "Kelly O".

Kelly's nascent singing career came about rather serendipitously. With the "The Osbournes" still red-hot Kelly, on a lark prompted by elder sister Aimee, cut a demo for "Papa Don't Preach", the Madonna classic, in early summer 2002. The track sounded so good to her savvy parents and execs at Epic Records that it was included as part of the already-laid-out Osbourne Family Album, a collection of the family's favorite songs. "Papa Don't Preach" was released as a single/video in July and soon became a hit the world over. In Britain Kelly appeared on Top of the Pops before the single entered the charts at #3 while in Australia she became a bona-fide rock star before she'd even set foot on the continent. The game was on, and Kelly knew she was in for a joy ride with no destination in sight. Her passion for the burgeoning new rock scene (ie. The Strokes, The Used, Queens of the Stone Age) guided her decision-making when it came time to sit down with Epic suits and talk about a full-fledged album. She wasn't a diva, didn't wear belly shirts, and would not pander for the ever-present cameras. No way. She would be herself or all bets were off. Not surprisingly, the record company put her in a New York studio the next week with producer Ric Wake and she was off and running, collaborating with songwriters and musicians to make her vision a reality.

This was about attitude, not sex appeal; reality, not fantasy. So, two months on-and-off in New York turned out Shut Up!, an eleven song collection that bespeaks as much about Kelly Osbourne as any trend-setting outfit she may wear or any off-handed comment that might spring from her mouth. Songs such as "Disconnected", a churning, grinding rocker, and the endlessly catchy and melodic teenage rage of "Dig Me Out" fulfill the promise of Kelly as an unvarnished voice for the "everyteen" of the new rock scene. Inundated by calculated media caricatures of what the M Gen should be Kelly comes across as a real deal, take-no-sh*t anti-star. She carved out her own niche, and Shut Up! serves up the sweet and the sour with sass and spunk to spare.

Kelly Lee Osbourne was born in England on October 27, 1984 and, lest it be said, her lineage speaks for itself: "Dad" Ozzy is, well, OZZY! and mother Sharon, also Ozzy's manager, is herself a pioneer-by all accounts the first female manager in hard rock, her resume dating back to the Seventies. Kelly was a rugrat scraping across different hotel wall-to-walls along with sister Aimee and younger brother Jack during their formative years, as Ozzy pounded the pavement on the road. Needless to say, rock 'n roll is in her bloodstream. Kelly was brought up by her parents on an English farm estate and schooled in proper schools from the time she was of pre-school age till 12, when the family moved to Los Angeles full-time. From the go in L.A. Kelly saw herself differently than the rest of the kids her age. And it wasn't just because of her pedigree, either. Life in the Osbourne household, however, never fit any L.A. stereotype of the rich & famous celebrity clan. If anything they talked too much; spent too much time together; and knew each other too well. And Kelly, especially, always followed her own compass. As Ozzy put it so well in the first episode of "The Osbournes", "Kelly's justŠKELLY!! She doesn't take from me, and she doesn't take from her mum. She's just Kelly!"

As MTV's cameras entered the house in late 2001 Kelly remembers feeling "violated and uncomfortable", but that initial unease didn't last long. Soon she was back to her normal self, speaking her mind and not giving a "flying f!*k" what she looked like. This self-effacing charm, in turn, became the draw that lured millions to watch "The Osbournes". The show quickly became a cultural touchstone: Who couldn't relate to the Osbourne family? Fans of Kelly dicussed her hair styles, attitudes, and opinions on the Internet and soon the media picked up on the precocious punkster's quick wit and loose lips. Her unique fashion sense earned her a spot on the cover of People magazine's Best Dressed issue and she's appeared on the cover of Cosmo Girl, Teen People, Elle Girl, Seventeen, and Interview, to name a few. This was icing on the cake for Kelly, though. The series, in her mind, was "nothing special, just us living our lives." She wanted to do her own thing. So she has.

Kelly is here, so shut up and listen!

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