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Jane Wiedlin

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Jane was dying to be in a band. Everyone else was in a band, and though she had no idea what she was doing, the young clothing design college student decided to take the plunge. Along the way, Billy Zoom of X taught her how to play bar chords. "It was a lot of fun knowing X. They were such a fantastic band, I still think they were the best band to come out of the L.A. scene."

Other early influences included The Buzzcocks. "They were punk yet pop, and that's what we wanted to be. Listening to the pre- "Beauty and the Beat" cuts on the "Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's" collection certainly illustrates this early direction.

Jane was the first Go-Go to go solo, and soon thereafter released an eponymous album for IRS. 8 years and two more albums later, EMI released a best-of collection that included hits such as "Blue Kiss," "Rush Hour," and "World on Fire," the latter of which had a terrific spicy video that prevented its being very widely seen.

Two years later Jane formed froSTed, a punk-pop band that released one album, "Cold," for Geffen Records. The band played together for three years before Jane decided once again to move on to something new. By the way, the capitalized "ST" in the band's name is a reference to one of Jane's guilty pleasures, "Star Trek." Since then, other than getting back together with The Go-Go's, Jane has played occasional California dates with Charlotte Caffey under the name Twisted & Jaded.

In addition to performing solo and in groups, Jane has kept busy with her songwriting. "My favorite thing I have been doing is writing songs for other people. I have had lots of my songs recorded the last two years. I am very happy that I have been able to make a career in music. I feel very very lucky." Jane's voice has also been heard recently coming out of the mouths of television cartoon characters. "You can hear me on 'Pinky and The Brain,' 'King of the Hill,' and other shows." Jane will be a regular on a new primetime series starting this fall called "The Downtowners". Jane has also been known to show up in feature films, including roles as Joan of Arc in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" and the singing telegram girl in "Clue."

Of the former Go-Go's glory days Jane says "I wish we could have found a way to stay together and not break up when we did. It would be interesting to see where we would have progressed musically if we hadn't split. But the years since 1984 have been fun, rewarding, and exciting, so I'm not complaining! Just curious."

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