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Henry Lee Summer

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Born July 5, 1955, this Brazil, Indiana native is self-taught on drums, piano and guitar. His musical roots include the blues, R&B, Country and, of course, Rock & Roll. Henry likes to take the best of every kind of music he's ever loved - from the Beatles to Ray Charles - and put his own style and voice to it.

His first single came in 1982, "Sweet Love". In 1983 two more originals appeared on a various-artists sampler and a third on a radio station sponsored album. Two albums were released in 1984 Stay with Me and 1986 Time for Big Fun, prior to his national debut album, Henry Lee Summer in 1988.

1989 saw I've Got Everything emerge. In 1990 Henry entertained at Farm Aid IV. Way Past Midnight was released in 1991. Slamdunk appeared in 1993. For Henry, the music matters the most, hoping people like and understand what he's singing about. 1999 welcomed a new cd, Smoke and Mirrors.

Three very hot summer nights in August 1999, he recorded the ultimate cd in the eyes of his fans, LIVE, a two cd set of the "greatest hits" he continues to play live on stage. The sound being very close to what a "live" show sounds like...

September 2001 - The Mojo man's new cd BIG DRUM has arrived with an incredible sound. Live shows with a talented band. Just what we always expect when Henry starts to sing....

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