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Ryan Coseboom [29, Instruments] began working with Rebecca Coseboom [30, Vocals] in 1992 while employed at his father’s notorious independent record store in Santa Cruz, CA. Three years later, the pair [now married] ventured north to San Francisco. After two bands and three CD's, the sound that would eventually become Halou emerged from Ryan’s dynamic electronic collages and Rebecca’s emotionally rich vocals.

Halou’s debut album, ‘We Only Love You’ [W.O.L.Y.], was released in 1999 on the now defunct Bedazzled label. Despite the demise of the label and their distributor, this album received overwhelming praise. Although spun by highly influential indie radio stations and reviewed by virtually every noteworthy electronic music magazine, the album was hardly available at stores nationwide. Fortunately, this frustration only yielded more music.

'W.O.L.Y.' meandered irreverently through drum and bass, abstract beats and sumptuously languid pop music. All the while, Rebecca’s vocal presence added both an unrequited beauty and a powerfully honest point of view.

Halou continued to craft their unique sound on their second release, 'Wiser'. ‘Wiser’ is a compulsive listening experience - both crushing and delicate, electronic and emotional, intense and soothing. While still embracing electronics as the core of their instrumentation, the addition of live cello, acoustic double bass, and drums further explore the juxtaposition of the organic and electronic.

Released on Nettwerk Records in October 2001, 'Wiser' was entirely self-produced and features engineer, co-producer, and newest member of the band, Count. Count has established himself as an integral member of the band not only as studio engineer and mixer, but also as their drummer. Count's production skills have been finely tuned through his work with such artists as Consolidated's Philip Steir, New Order, RUN DMC, Blackalicious, No Doubt, Deep Blue Something, Lyrics Born, and more.

In 2003, Halou left Nettwerk Records and released "The Wholeness E.P." Once again self-produced, the EP's six tracks offer a sneak peek into what Halou has in store with their upcoming release "Wholeness and Separation" and represent some of their best work to date. Luxurious strings, violent beats, distorted guitars, and heartfelt vocals stretch this EP across the spectrum of human emotion. This music is addictive - be warned!

Halou is currently playing select west coast tour dates in support of "The Wholeness EP," and recording tracks for their full-lenth, "Wholeness and Separation

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