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Adam, Brian and Ryan met quite serendipitously on a bus while attending Tufts University in pursuit of greater aspirations. After graduating in 1995, the band released "Parachute." Two years of touring ensued before they went back to the studios to record their latest album "Goldfly." "Goldfly" took the nation by storm. And when Guster began to debut their songs meshed with snippets from Spinal Tap, the crowds roared. Often crowds could not contain their enthusiasm. Security forces for the Bayou, a trendy cocktail-concert hall in Washington, D.C., once declared martial law. One peace officer declared, "I haven't seen anything like this since Woodstock. The children must learn to contain themselves. It's not illegal to like Guster, but I question those who love them." National exposure eventually spilled overseas. The groovy tunes flooded every European nation (except France), and soon X-Ray Eyes would top both the British and German billboards. A Munich DJ known only as Deitre had this to say of the trio: "I want to touch their monkeys." Their music has touched national leaders and lovers around the world. Guster truly is for lovers.

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