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Grupo Control

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CONTROL "Todo Bajo Control" The new kings of Norteño cumbia create another rhythmic explosion - Biography -

Control's history is long. It began 18 years ago. Its starring roles belong to the Degollado brothers, Sergio and José Guadalupe, whose mother invested money every year from their ranch's harvest so they could buy new instruments and develop their musical inclinations. During that time the Degollados had another group; but they always reminded the public, with pride, that they were from Control, the small Mexican town that "controls" irrigation water for the region surrounding Matamoros.

The "un-control-led" danceable image that characterizes them has also been developing for many years. In the past, their music was more romantic and less dynamic, and at first they were just "trying hard," but in spite of that they managed to get people excited about the group and many times even made them lose "control."

In 1999, when they reorganized their roster and began their current incarnation as Control, they sought out the help of a choreographer to come up with ideas that "represented" each song and since then no one has been able to stop the tremendous explosion that goes off on every dance floor when they take over the stage.

There are six members. But the visual spectacle of their choreography causes such a commotion that they sometimes leave the impression that there are 15 people on stage. That's why their fans and the press have nicknamed them Los Nuevos Reyes de la Cumbia Norteña (The New Kings of Norteño Cumbia), an honor that Control uses to remind itself of its responsibility to never stop improving.

Another milestone in their career came when they joined the roster of EMI Latin, which helped them expose their artistic concept on the radio, giving them such early classic hits as "Tú No Me Lo Das," "El Tao Tao" and "Cumbia Con La Luna." From their second album came hit singles like "Fuera De Control," "Cumbia Del Sol" and "Lucerito."

Now the group is releasing its third album: "TODO BAJO CONTROL" ("Everything Under Control'), a recording as danceable as the others which contains songs sure to become hits such as "Dame Un Beso," co-written by Lupe Degollado; who is also co-writer of "El Mejoral" along with brother Sergio; and songs like "Te Pone A Bailar," "Baila Cumbia" and "¡Ay Amor!".

And amor (love) is exactly what's most abundant among the Degollados, whose family provides a firm foundation with their mother María Elena and father Guadalupe, who are the happiest people of all with the success of their famous sons.

The members are also impressed with the appearance of "controlitos," little boys who copy their dance steps, dress like them and can be seen everywhere.

An EMI Latin release with production and arrangements by Sergio and Guadalupe Degollado, "Todo Bajo Control" keeps showing why Control is a favorite, something they proved together with Intocable in February 2001 with their historic performance in Houston's Astrodome in front of 63,000 enthusiastic spectators.

Consistently striving to better themselves and always giving 100 percent, the members have achieved the satisfaction of popularizing their concept far and wide: "Wherever we go in Mexico and the United States, people recognize us. We're very content."

Still close to Control, their birthplace which has barely 3,000 residents, the members now live in Texas' Rio Grande Valley, in Harlingen, Weslaco, Brownsville and McAllen. Their proximity allows them to effectively coordinate their weekly travels on the tours that occupy most of their time. Control has performed massive concerts in important venues such as the Expo Feria de Guadalupe, in Monterrey, Mexico; Fiesta Broadway, in Los Angeles; Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, and Palacio de los Deportes and Estadio Azul, in Mexico City.

Members: ¨ José Guadalupe Degollado, bajo sexto and backing vocals ¨ Sergio Degollado, lead vocals and bass ¨ Sergio Alberto Alcocer Degollado, accordion ¨ Alejandro Morín, drums ¨ Daniel García, MC and dancer ¨ Iván De León, percussion and dancer.

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