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Gravity Kills

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We wanted to incorporate into this record things that we’ve discovered about ourselves, as a band, since the first time we recorded ‘Guilty’," describes Gravity Kills frontman Jeff Scheel of Perversion, the much anticipated follow-up to the band’s self-titled debut. "We didn’t do any more of a Gravity Kills record this time than we did the first time around, but now we have a better idea of what Gravity Kills actually is—we do play hard music, we are a live band, and we do use computers and samples."

The elements crash together with heavy impact on Perversion, exploding from the digital base of their gold selling debut (the top New Alternative Artist debut of 1996) into a guitar-driven sheen of sonic mutations, musical manifestos, and orchestrations befitting the upcoming millennium. Gravity Kills’ history is rapidly expanding, forging a brilliant future for the St. Louis quartet.

Without losing their signature style, Gravity Kills up the ante considerably on Perversion, with production giant Roli Mosimann (Faith No More, New Order, and a "Guilty" remix on Manipulated, last year’s Gravity Kills remix album) uniting with the band to capture a sound that is guitar-driven and electronically-enhanced, not production heavy and not computer-reliant. The seasoned Mosimann also helped bring the band together to create a true group effort. While the first record was largely the result of individual efforts coming together only in the end, Perversion is just the opposite. "Making this record was an extremely painful experience for all of us because we feel so passionately about our individual ideas." says Matt Dudenhoeffer "I think that the added tension and aggression comes through in the music. In the end I think this album is something we are all proud of as one group."

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