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Gotan Project

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Responsible for one of 2000’s most memorable jazz-house hits with ‘Triptico’, Paris based Gotan Project have at last come round to the release of their debut album ‘La Revancha Del Tango’.

Outside the impressive range of compilations that Gotan Project have been featured on (including Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, Glücklich and Buddha Bar), this will be the first time that their relaxed blend of tango dance rhythms and Argentinean instrumentation is available on CD.

The three principle members of Gotan Project - Philippe Cohen Solal, Christophe Mueller and Eduardo Makaroff - came together in the late 1990’s through a mutual passion for the combination of sound with image, but were equally driven by the desire to successfully marry electronic and acoustic music.

The separate (sound) track records of Philippe and Christophe are inspiring, including work for directors such as Lars Von Trier, Didier Le Pecheur and Yolande Zauberman.

To match their electronic abilities as dance producers, Eduardo joined the pair as an acoustic guitar player, who had made a name for himself in both Argentina and France as an accomplished tango musician.

They then built on this foundation of house, dub and hip hop influenced production, by adding some of the finest Argentinean tango musicians exiled in France as a result of the dictatorial regime of the 1970s.

With names such as Gustavo Beytelmann and Nini Flores involved, Gotan developed a supremely distinctive sound incorporating bandonion (a form of accordion), as well as violin and vocal.

Over the course of three 10” releases for their own ¡Ya Basta! Records, Gotan Project collected some outstanding press clippings, as well as list of supporters that includes names like Mr. Scruff, Basement Jaxx, Herbert and Peter Kruder. The album collects together the 6 tracks from these 10”s, and adds 4 new tracks to make one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year.

As many DJs will tell you, dropping ‘Triptico’ into a set ensures many more faces than the usual trainspotters will crowd the decks. And with radio DJs getting used to the regular calls that follow a Gotan spin, the album is well positioned to make a significant impact on the worlds of jazz, chillout, dance and tango.

XL Recordings have licensed ‘La Revancha Del Tango’ for the UK, and will release simultaneously with ¡Ya Basta! who are covering the rest of Europe. Gotan Project’s first live show will be at this year’s Transmusicales Festival in Rennes on November 30st.

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