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Gas Giants

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"Daniel and I have been talking about starting a band since we were teenagers," says Robin Wilson, the former lead singer of the Grammy® nominated Gin Blossoms. Wilson refers to guitarist Daniel Henzerling; a veteran of celebrated Tempe club bands, including a short stint as drummer for the Blossoms.

The duo first met while working as clerks at Tower Records in the mid-eighties. But it took more than a decade for them to come together, along with Blossoms drummer Phillip Rhodes to form Gas Giants. The band signed with A&M Records in late l997, built a recording studio, dubbed "Mayberry", and recorded their debut LP From Beyond the Back Burner, by May of 98.

Recorded with producer John Hampton, the record is harder and more ambitious than the multi-platinum works of the Gin Blossoms. Stand out tracks include the aggressive Now the Change, and the barn burner Circus of Stars. The first single, Quitter, was receiving heavy rotation on Phoenix and Las Vegas radio stations long before the albums release, which was delayed due to the sale of A&M to the Universal Music Group.

The timing may have been fortunate because the group found itself with a completed record in time to take advantage of the artist friendly policies of Atomic Pop, and to become one of the first Rock bands to launch a record as a digital download. Wilson explains, "The Internet seems to scare the major labels because artists don't need them to sell records online. It's great to be involved with something that frightens so many millionaires. And as a band we now have unprecedented control over our music and the money it earns."

And what of the inevitable comparisons to his former band? Wilson shrugs, "I don't think that Gin Blossoms fans will be disappointed. With the harder edge of Gas Giants, we might appeal to an even wider audience."

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