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Flying Blind

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Five unassuming, American boys of average height and at least standard intelligence, who were born in the mid-70s with a craving for fun and an affinity for flair are known among those who witness as extra-special performers, not to be outdone by any of the bands that roam this valley. Flying Blind is a team of prolific songwriters whose craft is spurred in honesty and sincerity, but not without splendid creativity.

The excitement they have generated in this region is unprecedented. Flying Blind possesses a true popularity; the kind of which (scaled, mind you) is borne in Elvis, The Beatles and even the factory acts of today such as 'Nsync. The people that amass to witness Flying Blind events come early and stay late. To label a gathering by referring to a vibe is a cliché of course, but perhaps there is no better way to describe the looks on the faces and movement on the bodies that constitute their consistently thrilled audiences. Thorough happiness and liveliness are the key elements in this "vibe," and must be what keeps their fans loyal and intrigued.

This band has nothing less than stardom in their future. They are close-knit boys who carry themselves with humor, style and a knack for writing songs that bring out the tenderness in cynics and optimism in skeptics. Most of all, Flying Blind is a rock group that really works, if not captivates any and all who open their eyes and ears. Gender is meaningless, ethnicity is not a factor, and age certainly has proven not to matter in the make-up of their followers. This band seems to be one of the kind not beseeched within the popular culture of the day but instead somehow given to the role of leaders for a time when the jaded and disappointed will be, in the grand scheme, all but forgotten.

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