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Echo & The Bunnymen

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Spurned from the burgeoning Liverpool music scene in 1978, the band originally consisted of remnants of several local bands, including the infamous "Crucial Three", a late '70s trio featuring vocalist Ian McCulloch, Pete Wylie, and Julian Cope. Cope and Wylie left the group by the end of 1977, forming Teardrop Explodes and Wah!, respectively.

McCulloch met guitarist Will Sargent in the summer of 1978 and the pair began recording demos with a drum machine, which the duo called "Echo !"

Adding bassist Les Pattinson, the band made its live debut at the Liverpool club Eric's at the end of 1978, calling themselves Echo and the Bunnymen. Echo & The Bunnymen disappeared into the briar patch sometime around 1988, when Ian McCullough decided he wanted to make solo records. (He came up with the alluring Candleland in 1989.)

If that wasn't enough of a problem (kind of like when the Doors continued without Jim Morrison), Echo and the Bunnymen also lost their original drummer Pete De Freitas in a fatal road accident, he was just 26. They continued on to make 1990's Reverberation, before finally giving up the ghost and disbanding. At his best McCullough conjured up images of Morrison, updating that signature neo-psychedelic sound with some synth-pop sensibilities and the exquisite guitar work of Will Sergeant.

Lucky for us McCullough finally got over the solo bug and has now reunited with Sergeant.

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