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Dubtribe Sound System

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Since 1993 Moonbeam and i (Sunshine,) along with sit-in percussionists from all over the world have come together in an attempt to incite change, restore faith and have a party at the same time. Together in various forms we have traveled all across North America (from san francisco to new york city, toronto to miami, whistler to san diego and all points in between,) Across the Pacific (Hawaii, New Years 1999-2000) and various hops across the Atlantic (Paris 1999, Netherlands 1995, 2001, UK 2002.) Dubtribe Sound System are a live band, we do not pantomime to a pre recording, nor do we replay pre produced sequences, we have not performed with a computer, we perform our music live and on the fly. We also spin records from time to time, but that's another thing, and never considered Dubtribe Sound System. Sunshine (the guy,) makes the music. Moonbeam (the girl,) manages the mix, and sings like an angel. And a following of live african and latin percussionists accompany this electronic mass of cables to create an unstoppable and infectious energy for your spirit as well as your mind.

In the studio our roles are more diverse. Moonbeam and i have worked at a creative partnership for well over a decade and have found that while some prefer a formula, we are constantly puching ourselves, and re inventing the sound that has become not only the DSS experience, but also the sound of imperial DUB recordings and (dare we say) influenced modern electronic music in general. There are no set positions, or rules. We do not imagine ourselves as anything other than lovers of music, and the indescribable high that comes from dancing to the sound of your heart, you inner fire, you unexpressed thoughts and feeling that peel off your head like the skin of an onion while you practice a little more disco kung foo.

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