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Desmond Child

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"My mission is to continue making music that helps others to get in touch with their feelings."

Desmond Child was born on the 28th of Oct. 1953 in Gainesville, Florida. His family are natives of Cuba who had to leave their country to escape oppression. He is heir to the artistic heritage of his grandmother, Cuban poet Elena Casals, and his aunt Olga Guillot, the queen of bolero. He grew up in Miami Beach and by age 14 had written his first pop song. He dropped out of Miami Beach High to pursue his dreams but later he resumed his music studies and graduated with a degree in classical music from NYU and moved to New York City.

In the 70īs he started with college friends Maria Vidal, Myriam Naomi Valle and Diana Graselli the band DESMOND CHILD & ROUGE. Playing the club circuit, the group developed a cult following. They toured nationally, appeared on "Saturday Night Live" and attracted the interest of KISS guitarist Paul Stanley. They were signed to Capitol Records and the debut album "Desmond Child & Rouge" was released in 1978. It was a potpourri of styles, that included elements of pop, rock, funk, blues and soul! Their first hit "Our Love Is Insane" was a revolutionary fusion of rock and dance which paved the way for his unique style. The follow-up, "Runners In The Night", adopted a more hard rock stance, but was also met with indifference. Despite their initial success, Desmond Child and Rouge went their separate ways in 1980, thus offering Desmond Child the opportunity to explore new creative directions. The band became redundant and Child decided to concentrate on writing and producing, rather than actually playing.

The early 80's found Desmond Child studying acting, traveling throughout India and finally settling in an utopian commune in upstate New York. While absorbed in his spiritual quest he continued sharpening his song writing skills with a series of collaborations.

He has composed for Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Cher and Michael Bolton among others. "You Give Love A Bad Name" and "Livinī On A Prayer" co-written with Bon Jovi and the KISS million seller "I Was Made For Loving You" have been his greatest successes to date. Every Owner of a radio has heard some of his work. During the 80's he had a hit song every two weeks or so. He has probably written more songs than he is aware of himself, and you just can't deny that this man had a huge influence on the 80īs metal/AOR scene. He became one of the most prolific hit makers of the last 20 years if not THE most prolific one. Child made a return to recording in 19 91 for Elektra Records, which despite the competent performance failed to gain a large audience. "Discipline" is a deeply personal collection of songs and performances which contained his own top 40 hit "Love On A Rooftop", while continuing chart topping work with other collaborators.

In summer of 1996 he returned to Miami Beach to live and work there. With the help of some other music insiders, they launched Songwriters in the Round, a monthly get together organized by and for songwriters.

During this time he also started to work with Spanish artists, such as Rosco, Millie, Flavio Cesar and of course Ricky Martin, who's first English sung album Child produced.

Not one to rest on his past success, Desmond Child is happy to be forging relationships with new artists and breaking onto the world music scene. His recent collaborations include; Billie Myers, Jason Raize, Boyzone and Mitch Malloy.

Desmond Child is also happy to announce the launching of his own record label, Deston Entertainment, in distribution partnership with Universal Records/Doug Morris. This venture is a full service label whereby Desmond Child oversees all creative aspects of the releases of a full range of recording artists.

He also still works with the Rouge girls of the 70īs from time to time.

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