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Dave Benedict (bass) Danny Craig (drums) Jeremy Hora (guitar) Dallas Smith (vocals)

Default entered the year as one of rock's fastest emerging new bands. They saw their first single "Wasting My Time" hit Top 5 on multiple rock charts, their debut album The Fallout quickly reach Gold status (in both the U.S. and their homeland of Canada) as they criss-crossed North America - and soon the rest of the world - playing to sold-out crowds nightly...

Now that kind of ascent would be a bit overwhelming for anyone, but imagine you're Dallas Smith. You're a guy not so far out of your teens, making a true, blue collar living as a sheet metal cutter in Vancouver, not sure what the future holds. You've never been in a band, much less even sang in front of anyone except yourself and anywhere besides in your car. You take a chance audition with your buddies who are putting a band together, discover you just happen to have amazing vocal talent and before you know it you're performing in front of millions worldwide on The Tonight Show.

"Things have come together so quickly that I haven't even had time to fully ponder the weight of the situation we're in," says Smith. "But we are surely blessed. It would be ridiculous to say that being in this band was not the best thing that's ever happened to us."

And the joining of Dallas was a lifesaver for Default in more ways than one. To fund the band's initial demo sessions his generous father allowed them to siphon $20,000 from his retirement account. "We just recently paid Dad back in full," laughs Dallas. "So I guess we really have become a success."

While "Wasting My Time" became a surprise Top 40 crossover pop hit, showing a much different side of the band is Default's next single, the edgy, riff-heavy "Deny." The song is accompanied by an even edgier video directed by Noble Jones. The clip features Laila Ali (female boxing star and daughter of Mohammed) and the band literally gets beat up... and pretty brutally.

"This didn't require just a little cute bruise make-up," explains guitarist Jeremy Hora. "This was an true Ali-style ass-kicking -- we needed a special effects person applying prosthetics to our faces! Luckily Dallas got the worst of it..."

But the best of Default's octane-fueled journey is just beginning. Riding a great debut album deep with singles, more TV appearances on the schedule and blue chip tours lined up for the rest of the year, Default is the rock band to watch in 2002.

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