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Dave Matthews Cover Band (Tribute to Dave Matthews Band)

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Band Members: Deniz Felder - Saxophone Atlanta, GA Dave Koon - Lead Vocals, Guitar Athens, GA Lance Tilton - Drums Atlanta, GA Rob Handley - Bass Athens, GA Jimmy Demartini - Violin Athens, GA

About the Band:

Simply named the Dave Matthews Cover Band (DMCB), this five member Athens ensemble that sounds remarkably similar to their famous counterparts, will saunter onto stage with a 40-song repertoire gleaned from the six albums The Dave Matthews Band has released since its inception in 1991.

The comparisons are endless: the name, the voice, the guitar. What began as a dorm room novelty found itself on one of the largest stages in Athens. So it was almost inevitable that University student Dave Koon would form a band dedicated exclusively to the music of Dave Matthews Band.

"The first time I heard Dave sing, I thought it was Dave Matthews himself. I'm telling you -- it's unreal," said Shaun Bank, a senior from Sandy Springs who has seen Koon perform three times.

"It's funny how big it's gotten -- I didn't expect it," said Koon, the lead singer of the band. "I mean, I went from playing in the basement at TEP (Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity) to playing at the Georgia Theatre."

The band didn't just get big -- it got big fast. Koon, a junior from Snellville, first jammed solo at fraternity houses.

"The band then added Lance Tilton on drums, Jimmy Demartini on violin, Deniz Felder on sax, and lastly Rob Handley on the bass. Recently, more than 1,300 people crowded into the Theatre to hear Koon and his band play a venue that he described as awe inspiring.

Koon's almost eerie and undeniable talent earned him the title of the "Morning X Biggest Dave Matthews Fan" for the Atlanta radio station 99X. The trivia contest involved two finalists battling each other for tickets to the recent DMB show at Lakewood.

Not only did Koon rattle off all the correct answers with ease, but he also impressed listeners when he started singing over the speakerphone -- so much so that his discouraged opponent hung up the phone. Which doesn't surprise his band.

Dave's really talented," said Henry Glascock, the manager of DMCB. "People who've come by have enjoyed hearing him play." Even weeks later, 99X listeners repeatedly called the station, requesting Koon to return to the studio for more.

With a band of musician's fully capable of bringing the energy and sound of a real Dave Matthews Band concert, Dave Koon and company are set out to spread the music of the Dave Matthews Band in the best way possible, live and dynamic.

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