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Crash Worship

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When Crash Worship finally came on, the crowd was strangely silent. Nobody quite new what to expect, although most feared the pig blood bath. The lights went out, the lights came back on dim. The band was on stage, but nothing was happening. Some randoms were running through the crowd, pissing people off. The randoms were part of the band; they were laying fire-crackers.

Suddenly, simultaneously, the band laid its first crashings of the evening, the smoke rolled forth, the crowd was watered down, torches flared, and the fireworks were set off sending the crowd dancing and skittering into each other. After this first fight-or-flight cacophony, all became a blur. Half naked men and women writhed about on stage, beats, faces, bianca's brain was awhirl. Up front, the wine was flowing freely, folks of all types spun about and freaked. Toward the middle, a bonfire, two circles going in opposite directions dancing about the flames. Flashing lights, more smoke, more water, rice, drums, shouts, bianca attained drugless and complete synesthesia. Then, bap!, smoke?, hair? A flaming, spinning firework falls on bianca's head. Then, slip, knees, slam, someone pulls her down to the ground. Then, CLOCK! some part of the lead shouter's anatomy whips bianca's neck back as he goes flying into the audience and smack! finds himself in one of the few eyes of the multiple hurricanes.

Arms reach down and yank bianca up just in time to see the platform leave the stage. On the platform is a woman painted silver, surrounded by fruit. Four torch bearers carry the platform about the crowd. Glowing faces grab the fruit, take a bite and share it with their neighbors. Watermelon and cherries are passed around and hurled through the air. Apples and oranges roll around the floor. Banana peels become the safest place to stand. And all the while, the drummers pound away, accompanied by the hoots and hollers of vocalists, guitarists, and crowd.

After the platform makes its circuit, the dancing, whirling, and drumming continue continues unabated. The bonfire in the center of the room grows, smoke from the stage rolls out, torches dance through the audience, and fireworks fly. Occasionally a watermelon rind arcs through the air. The drummers move off the stage into the audience, which by now has become part of the band. Then, back onto stage. Another platform rolls out. By now the crowd is beginning to thin. People pass the fruit around cordially, patting each other's backs. A huge man, painted black offers bianca some watermelon. A woman who somehow managed to keep her hat feeds bianca cherries. Was the hat red? Or were the cherries blurring?. Several smaller bonfires start, people dance around them.

Finally, the drumming stops. The crowd won't hear of it. Their clapping and stomping evolves into a complicated rhythm as people start pounding on the metal garage doors that line one wall, and on some metal oil drums the band left lying around. After 10 minutes of this, the band comes out again, and the orgy continues. They play for another 20 minutes, and then quit. Again, the crowd picks up the slack. At no point does the drumming stop. And again, Crash Worship comes back out, this time bringing drums into the audience. Everyone is exhausted, but most can not stop moving. After the band wades back to the stage, and plays a little longer, two overweight 40 something guys come up on stage and start leering at the audience. The lights go on, the band stops, and the audience again starts slamming on the metal. This time, however, too many people are ready to pass out. bianca asks a few people about the time, and finally someone says 3:30. bianca looks around, and there are still about 400 people left. Most seem to have pillows in their eyes.

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