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Concrete Blonde

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The history of Concrete Blonde starts in 1982 with the name �Dream 6,� under which the band first found its way into the post-punk LA scene along with contemporaries like Wall of Voodoo, Dream Syndicate, and X. Johnette Napolitano and Jim Mankey formed the band during a time when the major labels were like country clubs and bands were being invited to the party only to find themselves playing it later. In keeping with their commitment to art by the artist, Concrete Blonde was in no hurry to jump on the rock�n�rollercoaster. Not until 1987 did the band sign to I.R.S. and record their self-titled full-length debut with drummer Harry Rushakoff.

The band followed up in 1989 with Free, providing them with their first commercial radio hit �God is a Bullet.� In 1990 they released Bloodletting, which introduced the top-20 hit �Joey� and Paul Thompson of Roxy Music on drums. Walking in London was released in 1992, and with 1993�s Mexican Moon Johnette continued to explore her personal interest in Mexican culture and music.

In 1994 Concrete Blonde disbanded and Johnette went on to various other projects, first in 1995 recording �Vowel Movement� with Holly Vincent of Holly and the Italians. Along with guitarist Marc Moreland of Wall of Voodoo and drummer Danny Montgomery, Johnette formed the band Pretty & Twisted, releasing a self-titled album in 1995. The love of Latin music found its way in once again, prompting Johnette and Jim to record with L.A. rockers Los Illegals, an effort suitably named and titled Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals.

In early 2001, Johnette, Jim, and Harry began playing together again and soon recognized that the new material possessed a cohesion and direction that made this reunion more than nostalgic. Group Therapy is the title of Concrete Blonde�s newest album, but there were no long, grueling sessions necessary to capture the natural energy and unnatural power of these 12 latest tracks - the completely new material was recorded in just 10 days in August 2001. From the opening �Roxy,� a beautiful celebration of a beautiful band, to the plush, otherworldly sounds that inhabit �Tonight,� and the spare yet intense �When I Was a Fool� every one of these performances is inspired, each song is a vision. This is Concrete Blonde.

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