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Neil Fallon - vocals Tim Sult - guitars Dan Maines - bass Jean Paul Gaster - drums

"Clutch's live show is the stuff of legends." -- CMJ

It is often said that music is and should be a live experience and that an artist's true nature can be determined by its live abilities. When Clutch takes the stage it's quite clear that their incomparable musical abilities make them no ordinary band, nor are their rabid and loyal fans ordinary. Singer Neil Fallon's unique lyrical approach and the raw, no non-sense approach has catapulted the band to legendary status. Anyone who has witnessed Clutch's live prowess always comes back wanting more of the brutal nature of the band. With the forthcoming June 17th release of Live At The Googolplex, Clutch comes full circle with their career showcasing their best songs in a raw, spontaneous performance.

"Folks have been trading recordings of our live shows and we've always looked upon tape trading as flattery, but there are only so many people who have access to that circle. Consequently, we've decided to put out a live record," says Clutch.

Live At The Googolplex was recorded in the USA and is highly anticipated because it is their first live album and performing live is their stronghold, where Clutch often performs 200+ shows a year. 15 of Clutch's favorite and most intense performances are all included:

1) "Who Wants To Rock" 2) "Pure Rock Fury" 3) "Sea Of Destruction" 4) "Immortal" 5) "Careful With That Mic�" 6) "Impetus" 7) "El Jefe" 8) "Rock And Roll Outlaw" 9) "12oz. Epilogue" 10) "Big News I" 11) "Big News II" 12) "Brazenhead" 13) "The Soapmakers" 14) "Escape From The Prison Planet" 15) "Rats"


"Sheer visceral exhilaration, top-frazzled tunes and an arsenal of fiercely intelligent and acidic witticisms." - NME

The stunning uniqueness of Neil Fallon's lyrics remains unchallenged, with its tongue-twisting, uncanny combinations and crafty poetics. A cursory browse through Fallon's vocabulary reveals his desire to keep the songs fresh and tireless. "I avoid emotional lyrics, because I find them overdone and boring, pigeonholing themselves to the mental state they were written in, making it difficult to perform them again and again," says Fallon.


"Clutch is a perfect turn-of-the-century rock band: a four-or-five-way intersection of aesthetic schools that never before had much to do with one another." -- The New York Times

Clutch's accomplishments in the music world are as stellar and intense as their live performances. Critics from all walks of life such as The New York Times to NME to Rolling Stone to Kerrang all hail Clutch as one of the finest bands in the world.

In 2001, Pure Rock Fury was named Record of the Year by CMJ with over 5,000 crucial spins, and also topping the radio charts of R & R, FMQB, and Album Network. It was a phenomenon considering the stiff competition of System of a Down, Tool, Slayer, Slipknot and Rammstein.

WHO IS CLUTCH? The Clutch story began in the early 90's in Germantown, Maryland, when the band released a 7" entitled "Pitchfork." Combining a variety of influences from metal to punk to hardcore to soul-funk and an incomparable lyrical approach, Clutch became one of the most sought-after live bands and were quickly signed by East West/Atlantic Records. Clutch have gone on to sell more than 1,000,000 CD's around the world and have garnered critical acclaim and respect from their peers for their uncompromising sound and live performances.

Live At The Googolplex was recorded in the USA and is a true snapshot of the band's infamous live shows, capturing the brutal and charismatic nature of the band. Clutch will tour throughout the late-spring in Europe and Japan, and will return to the USA for a full summer and fall tour. There will also be an extensive promotional campaign.

- June, 2003

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