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Cesar Rosas

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SOUL DISGUISE is the debut album from Los Lobos guitarist/singer-songwriter Cesar Rosas. Cesar calls it vou-dou/gris-gris/soul from East LA. The tracks run the gamut from roots-rock, blues, soul, Tex-Mex, Mex-Cal and New Orleans R&B. Finally, Cesar breaks from Los Lobos to go under the spotlight, alone.

"Putting out a solo record is both scary and exciting," says Cesar. "I'm used to collaborating with my bandmates both in the studio and on stage. Being out there on my own is a greater responsibility. I don't know how the audience is going to respond, but it's a project I put my heart and soul into so I'm excited to share it."

Cesar has gathered an exemplary group of musicians for SOUL DISGUISE, including the king of Latin accordion, Flaco Jimenez, guesting on squeeze box, as well as Victor Bisetti (drums), Aaron Ballesteros (drums), Jimmy Roberts (saxes), Rudy Rosas (Hammond B-3), Larry Taylor (bass), Eddie Baytos (Hammond B-3 and piano), Lynwood Slim (harmonica) and Jack Freeman (saxes). Excluding two covers - one in English, one in Spanish, Cesar wrote five tracks, and to work up the right "Tex" portion of the Tex-Mex sound, Cesar co-wrote the remaining tracks with Leroy Preston of Asleep at the Wheel.

Stripping off the production style ornamenting the last two Los Lobos albums, the production on SOUL DISGUISE returns to the raucous roots of Cesar's early days in southern California. Reminiscent of Los Lobos after they electrified and rocked into history with their eclectic mix of Mexican Norte�a and rootsy rock, this is the sound that impressed X, the Blasters and other punk rock bands of the time.

It took awhile for Cesar to gather the material and the energy to release a solo album and here it is. Soul Disguise. The first album from this East LA legend, a true connoisseur as well as innovator of classic sounds and styles. It is one gritty joyride of a debut. Turn it up.

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