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Blues Traveler

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By now Blues Traveler has been an undeniable influence for several generations of fans and bands alike. On their new album "Truth Be Told" the band taps into a new well of creativity to produce what an early critic dubbed " their finest set of songs to date". Anchored by founding members John Popper, Chan Kinchla and Brendan Hill, and energized by the now "official" addition of band members Tad Kinchla (bass) and Ben Wilson (keys) the band headed into the studio with three years of cohesive live performances and songwriting as a five piece band.

There is a free-spirited familiarity that shines throughout "Truth Be Told". They�ve all changed. They�ve all grown. They�ve all relaxed. Recording at Sound Design in Santa Barbara, California over a period of two months, the band changed their entire approach to record making. Confident that he and the band had the situation under control, producer Don Gehman insisted on patience and a relaxed atmosphere.

"Before there was always some milestone we were trying to reach," explains frontman and harmonica virtuoso John Popper. On "Truth Be Told" Blues Traveler makes leaps into new instrumentation and timbres. From the clever "Let Her & Let Go" to the emotional "Sweet & Broken" to the scorching old school "Can�t See Why", the group abandons none of the driving grooves that propelled them to rock stardom. But on this album�s 12 new tracks, the bands signature aesthetic is treated with a renewed emphasis on songwriting and a sound more focused than ever.

While best known for brilliant musicianship and prolific touring, witty and engaging songwriting has always been the band�s calling card (the Grammy winning single "Run Around" still holds the record for longest-charting single ever in the history of the Billboard charts). Blues Traveler�s uncanny connection with their huge grassroots fan base has made them one of the most consistently successful bands of the past 15 years. Including their worldwide breakout "four," certified six-times platinum in the U.S., the band has had a total of six gold or platinum releases and sales of over 10 million albums to date.

Soon after forming in Princeton, New Jersey in 1983, these high school friends moved to New York City playing nightly in the club and bar circuit. They seemed intent on wearing down the nation�s highways and a loyal fan base following began. Balancing renowned musicianship with accessible songcraft, combining pop hooks with blues and rock influenced grooves, the band was among the first in a new generation to win a reputation on the road for explosive live performances and intense fan loyalty. This would later be identified as a scene of it�s own. Marked most notably by the H.O.R.D.E. tour, the Blues Traveler founded festival that came to define this genre of live music.

With "Truth Be Told," the band�s 7th studio album and their second since founding bassist Bobby Sheehan passed away in 1999. The band has forged through the hardships of the past and there is a strong "survival sense" to the vocals and playing, mixed in with a new relaxed approach to studio recording. Welcoming Tad and Ben as full band mates, including their talented assets in the songwriting process, along with the loyal and inspired direction of Don Gehman, "Truth Be Told" is the Blues Traveler way of recording honest music.

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