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Guy Torry

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A native of St. Louis, Guy Torry moved to L.A. in pursuit of an entertainment career. He premiered his stand-up talent nationally on Russell Simmons' hit "Def Comedy Jam." His success quickly resulted in a return appearance which parlayed the young comic into a staff writer for the HBO late night show and eventually a spot on the "Def Comedy Jam" national tour for three seasons. Guy's resume includes writing credits for "Martin," "Minor Adjustments," and "Moesha," among others. He also appeared at HBO's 1997 Aspen Comedy Festival which he continues to receive critical and industrial acclaim. Torry created and produced "Phat Tuesday," now in its second successful year, as a weekly showcase for upcoming comedians. Always working to refine his own craft, Guy can regularly be seen performing at comedy clubs around the country while aspiring to become a positive role model and an inspiration for people from all walks of life.

You may remember his rock-solid supporting role as the convict who helped skinhead Ed Norton get it together in American History X. But in his latest picture, Guy Torry is dealing with a different kind of animal.

Specifically, The Animal, Rob Schneider's Frankenstein-meets-Doctor Dolittle goof-fest, produced by Adam Sandler, about an accident victim who gets spliced back together with wild animal parts. Torry has a charmingly twisted role as a pal of Schneider who complains he gets preferential treatment because he's black.

Maybe that explains why Torry, who is also in Pearl Harbor, is in the enviable position of competing against himself at the box office (or not). And while his career may be exploding, he also almost did so literally in Pearl Harbor--but more on that later.

Torry started out in stand-up comedy, has written for sitcoms and did time with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in Life. He's also developing three pictures of his own and appears with Michael Douglas in the upcoming Don't Say a Word.

In other words, if you haven't heard of this Guy yet, you probably will soon.

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