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Better Than Ezra

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Kevin, Cary, and Tom. They make up Better Than Ezra, a New Orleans based group that has been making it�s mark on the billboard charts with their singles "In The Blood", "Good", and "Rosealia". It is disappointing to see that they have gotten so little well-deserved exposure, compared to some other southern groups with even stranger names, (can we say, Hootie?) but for now I am glad they are staying relatively small.

I remember first hearing "Good", the first single off the album Deluxe, back in June of '95. At that point I had no idea who sang it, or even what half the words were. All I knew was that it was fun to sing along to. Since then, I have learned the words, acquired the album, the "Good" single, the "Rosealia" single (on both CD and cassette) and a copy of Surprise. Once I knew who they were, I made it my mission to find out as much as I could about them. And so I have. By reading magazines, watching MTV, listening to the radio, and surfing the net I have garnered such a vast store of information concerning the band and its members I feel I know them personally.

What I know about the group: Kevin Griffin (vocals and guitar) is luminescent. His eyes glow as he sings, and his voice has a golden intensity that falls from his lips and soars. He exudes an easy charm and raw magnetism you know he is well aware of as he shakes his curly hair from his eyes, playing the audience as well as the guitar. Cary Bonnecaze (drums) looks to be a timid, quiet individual � the word bunny comes to mind. But a bunny he is not. He sits behind the drums, arms flying in all directions, his tongue between his teeth, looking more like a mental patient than an innocuous rabbit. Tom Drummond (bass) is the shy one. He speaks rarely in public, but he's really quite a friendly fellow. On stage, he plays the bass like his life depended on it.

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