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Bertine is Norway�s new female sensation. She is 24 years old and started playing guitar and piano at the age of nine. By the age of 12 she had written her first song and at 14 she had co-hosted her first TV-series. Naturally Bertine decided to study music in high school, concentrating mainly on jazz and classical music. This gave her the opportunity to play different instruments and mixing musical genres. After putting together numerous types of bands during her teenage years, Bertine decided to trust her own potential by going solo. She wanted to realise her own ideas and songs she had spinning around in her head. These songs led to a recording agreement with EMI in Norway. Her first singles became instant radiohits locally and established Bertine for real as an artist, with a couple of the biggest hits in Norway in 1997. Subsequently she was featured on compilations in other parts of the world, on a total of around 800,000 copies. Her debut album �Morbid Latenight Show� produced by Jan Bang won critical acclaim in newspapers and magazines all over Norway. Especially her introvert ballads which manifested Bertine as a singer-songwriter. Bertine has been studying martial arts for the past five years and has a brown belt in Karate. She is interested in Eastern philosophy. She is an admirer of Bob Dylan, as a major focus in her song-writing is towards lyrics. In her opinion the fusion of dance/ jazz/ club music and a more lyrically centred genre will be a great influence to music in the next years. She is melting all these components together with an arctic sound to create her own style of music and poetic sincerity. With four hit-singles from this amazing debut-album it was not a surprise when Bertine received the Norwegian Hit Awards (radio-awards) for Best Female Artist of the Year. Since the album Bertine has been a household name in Norway, partaking in different cultural events and touring all around the country. Her video for the song �Apples & Diamonds� was directed by Marlene Rhein (Another Level) and the partly animated video for �Abigail� won Best Norwegian Music Video Award 98. Bertine won 2 �Spelemannspris� (Norwegian Grammy) awards as Best Pop Artist and Best Debut-album for her first album. Last Summer Bertine performed at festivals such as Stockholm Water Festival in Sweden, Midtfyn Festival in Denmark and Norwegian Wood. Bertine also went to USA and Canada in August to promote the album and performed concerts in NY, Boston, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and at all the Lilith Fair dates in the NY area. Bertine has just finished her second album �Beautiful So Far� due for release in the Autumn 2000. the album is produced in the legendary Tambourine Studios in Malm�, Sweden by producer Tore Johansson (The Cardigans, St. Etienne).

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