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Bellevue Cadillac

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Vocals / Guitar / Musical Composition: Doug Bell "The Professor" Vocals / Musical Composition: "Gentleman" Joe Cooper Keyboards / Vocals: Tim "Miles" Long Bass, Electric & Acoustic: Pete "The Cat" Wood Drums / Audio Support: Russell "Holly" Wood Tenor Sax / Vocals / Horn Arrangement: Jeff "BeBop" Giacomelli Bari Sax / Vocals / Harp / Guitar: "Mr. Memphis" Bruce Cummings

No cartwheels, handsprings, or stage gymnastics are required from Bellevue Cadillac frontman "Gentleman" Joe Cooper. Joe both commands attention and anchors the sound of the Bellevue Cadillac from his unique vocal delivery. His rich baritone voice easily reaches into the tenor register when required, and the bantering antics between songs with Doug "The Professor" Bell are always a crowd pleaser. True to his moniker, Joe always has time between sets and after performances to graciously meet members of the audience. To picture Joe - just think of a smile.

Holly - Wood !! That�s what the crowds chant when Russell "Holly" Wood takes the spotlight to the drum riser. With the presence and stature of a classic Hollywood icon, the ever cool Hollywood never cracks a sweat and makes it look all too easy. After playing all night what does Hollywood ask for ? - a cup of Joe of course!

Trouble with your lady?? It could be the work of Tim "Miles" Long, resident piano man and lounge lizard at large for the Bellevue Cadillac. Sporting the only open collar shirt on the Bellevue stage, Miles constantly vies for the attention of beautiful women everywhere. Under constant scrutiny from the Professor, Miles is ever caught up in an infamous scandal with the Professor�s old flame Lila. Don�t let the boyish looks and perfect pompadour fool ya�, Miles has been around.

Cousin to Hollywood, Pete "The Cat" Wood has an image that harkens more from the East Coast back alleys of Greenwich Village in New York City. When Playing upright bass, or to be more hip, �Dragging the Doghouse�, Pete can slink the band through dark and moody compositions or jump the house with solid 8 to the bar walking. What�s the Cat thing all about?? Well lets say some of Pete�s adventures have left him with a few spare parts - you know the kind that make airport metal detectors go off? 9 lives?? To say the least!!

At Center stage Doug "The Professor" Bell leads the audience through mainstream America as seen through his eyes. With stories about Prozac, Coffee, the IRS, and, oh yes, LOVE - (don�t forget about Lila), the Professor dances, sings and plays his way through the trials and tribulations of the times we all live in. The Professor will on occasion take time out to play some pretty fine guitar, but his main feature is that of the showman. Spinning tales of hit men and black and white cartoons, you�ll laugh, cheer and think a little too at everything the professor has to say. SO PAY ATTENTION CLASS!!

"Mr. Memphis" AKA Bruce Cummings of the Radio Horns on baritone sax is as large a life character as the instrument he plays, (he stands well over 6�4" in his fedora). The answer to the question �How low can you go??� is always answered in a solo by Mr. Memphis. Known to propel himself through cheering crowds and trade licks with the Professor on harmonica, Mr. Memphis gives it all he�s got every night.

"Bebop" AKA Jeff Giacomelli of the Radio Horns on tenor sax is completely at home in the spotlight. With the wildest outfits in the band, and an occasional foray to center stage to showboat a song, Bebop captures the essence of the blustery tenor sax of the 40�s. Inseparable from Mr. Memphis, Bebop often leads the Radio Horns on long walks through the crowd to crank the Bellevue experience up a few notches.

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