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George Campbell ('Joe Malarkey')

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Who is George Campbell?

George Campbell is a 10 year veteran of professional comedy. He worked comedy clubs from the Bahamas to Alaska, New York to LA. He has also appeared on Arts & Entertainment and the Showtime cable networks. In 1988 George competed in the White Mountain Cooler comedy competition. At the national finals at the Improv in Los Angeles, he was voted champion and awarded a contract with Rhino Records. In addition to writing for his own show, he has contributed material to Jay Leno and The Tonight Show.

Performing "clean" comedy afforded George over 200 opportunities to perform stand-up for corporations and associations. From these positive experiences came the motivation to write a program specifically focused on these groups interests and concerns.

George is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. Leaving comedy club stages, he now performs exclusively for the corporate and association market. The Joe Malarkey show has entertained such diverse groups as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, salespeople and office workers.

Who is Joe Malarkey?

Audiences always want to know, "what qualifies this speaker to talk about my business?" That is the key to Joe Malarkeyís speaking career. Virtually no one knows more about the pitfalls, mistakes, honest errors, lapses in judgement and lethal mistakes of not just one industry, but many. And Joe doesnít speak of those failures from a hypothetical viewpoint. He has been there in the trenches, falling on the sword, taking the heat, paying the price and finally moving on to another endeavor. That kind of experience canít be purchased, it can only be endured.

Joeís experience runs the gamut of business. He has run small businesses that started as big businesses. He has been an industry spokesman when silence would have been the better choice. And through it all, Joe has one point of pride, one gleaming hook, from which to hang his coat of experience: "Iíve never been indicted!"

As an entrepreneur, he was among the first to recognize the emerging Pacific Rim economy when he opened his short lived chain of tall menís clothing stores in Japan.

His time spent in the advertising field resulted in many tremendous near-successes such as his campaign for the Alternative Meat Association, "Spam, the other, other white meat!"

He served with great pride prior to his removal from the board of Crockett, our largest manufacturer of slide rules. While his "why mess with the calculator when slide rules are so easy to use" philosophy did not result in the industry turn-around hoped for, Joe is widely credited with obtaining a bankruptcy ruling that saved many employees their unemployment benefits.

These are but a few highpoints in a career full of easy-to-climb peaks and expansive valleys.

So when audiences are asked, who is the one they want to talk about failure from personal experience, only one word comes to mind: Malarkey!

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