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Alannah Myles

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Alannah Myles grew up between Toronto where she studied to be a graphic artist, and her family's northern Ontario ranch, later competing in A level equestrian horse shows, thus qualifying to compete in the junior division of Toronto's prestigious Royal Winter Fair. Soon after moving out on her own, while juggling performances in local coffee houses & bars and a commercial acting career in Toronto, Alannah decided to focus solely on her songwriting, performing and eventual recording career with Christopher Ward & David Tyson on Atlantic.

Myles spent her commercial acting income on demo tapes in order to find a recording deal until joining creative forces with songwriter Christopher, an Elvis fan, who with Dave Tyson penned her now legendary Black Velvet which won Myles a Grammy for Best Rock Vocalist. Ward was inspired to write the eloquently discreet ode to Elvis while producing a televised special on the Life & Times of Elvis Presley for Canada's Much Music in Memphis.

Ward introduced Black Velvet to Alannah & Dave at her family's 200 year old square cut log farmhouse where Dave co-wrote the bridge and chords knowing of her disdain for shuffle grooves. Alannah heard only the poetic, story telling lyric & melody of the song that would find it's way into the hearts of millions the world over. Tyson was responsible for inspiring Alannah's sensuality with his unrelenting groove. The 99 degree Toronto heat wave was responsible for the rest.

Together with Christopher's songs, direction and financing and David Tyson's production they secured Myles an eight album recording contract with Atlantic Records in New York with Atlantic's founder, Ahmet Ertegun, CEO Doug Morris by their head of A&R, Tunc Erim whom she remembers very fondly and Fran Lichtman, who should have been head of Atlantic's International Department and directly responsible for breaking Alannah's career worldwide! After the sale of over eight million records, she concluded her alliance of only three records with Atlantic and signed on with Miles Copeland's Ark 21 Records. Alannah released her fourth record, A Rival and a Very Best Of for Ark 21 /Universal/ Warner Music Canada before deciding to return to the studio to independently record her upcoming new release. The working title was 85bpm which has now been re-titled 'alannah myles X'.

Acting as executive producer for her own label, AvAtArecord inc. and in keeping with the way in which Myles had initiated her career, she enlisted the production team of A Rival co-producer Michael Borkosky to produce ten new tracks, three of which began as a co-production between Alannah, Mike b and Veronique Ferraro in Servon, France whom Alannah had met on one of Copeland's songwriting retreats at his nine towered castle at Grand Brassac in Perigaux, France. Mike b, with three separate recording attempts and the team's support produced and engineered a highly contemporary re-make of Black Velvet which you can hear on the opening page and in our guestbook.

Alannah beckoned help from photographer, Deborah Samuel, responsible for the creation of her image on early CD covers as well as videos to formulate her chic & sexy new image for the new release, alannah myles X and Segal Communications Art director, Nuala Byles who designed her last two releases A Rival & The Very Best Of.

With the 2,000 ASCAP awarded, over three million radio airplays of her hit Black Velvet, Two Socan, 2004 Classic Awards for both Black Velvet & Lover Of Mine and an upcoming rumored second Socan Classic Award for Song Instead Of A Kiss and many hits outside Canada, Alannah will continue touring in support of her next release which will in no way disappoint her most sincere fans.

Alannah teamed up with A Rival co-producer Michael Borkosky in France at Ann Boelyn's castle, (the second beheaded queen by King Henry IIIV) in Servon with Parisian co-producer Veronique Ferraro co-responsible with producer Michael Borkosky for her 2005 remake of Black Velvet posted on our front page as well as our guestbnook. The album working title, 85bpm was Alannah's heart rate at the time she delivered her vocals but has since been changed in collaboration with photographer and marketing maven, Deborah Samuel to X. This describes the musical content and the image she will portray for the CD more eXplicitly, eXquisitely, eXtremely and symbolically. In the fall of 2004 Alannah was asked to perform her remake of 'Black Velvet' for the German TV show, 'Hit Giganten' reaching audiences of over 30 million and creating a total of 20,000 hits to her website in the span of one hour!

In February of 2005 Alannah made a special guest appearance on Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest with K2, featuring Kee Marcello for an estimated European audience of over 20 million viewers. K2's song lost the contest but won the hearts of millions who saw it as the most exciting performance seen in years in their country. Alannah seemed to steal the headlines. One of the journalists, desperate to draw attention to himself, made an ill-fated attempt to slander her reputation by suggesting that drugs may have been used in order for Alananh to have given repeated mercurial performances. She refused to speak with anyone responsible for this conspiracy which was rashly unsuccessful!!!

It would seem over the last 15 years Alannah has become a master at dues paying and with all she has sacrificed to maintain her integrity, the Universe has recognized her in Their Grand Scheme. For all that has been misconstrued for the sake of sensationalism, the truth speaks volumes.

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