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Ace of Base

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The most fantastic fairy-tale success story of the 90s is all about the Swedish Pop wonders Ace Of Base, the brothers-and-sisters team of Jenny, Jonas and Malin Berggren with their family friend Ulf Ekberg.

Within a very short time, they moved from obscurity to international fame and recognition, with sales of their first album "Happy Nation" soaring at a cumulative 23 million album units sold across the Globe, their second offering "The Bridge" now at approx. 5 million units sold. On the basis of the exceptional performance of the first album, the Guinness Book of Records proclaimed Ace Of Base as the 'best-ever debut album artists'.

"All That She Wants" was released as the initial single for the States, and became a huge hit for Ace Of Base, making it to #1 on the Billboard Sales Chart and promptly followed up by the album, that also achieved an incredible chart run including multiple Platinum and the prestigious #1 chart position.

After having made it to #1 in both the single and album category in the USA and with the massive success already achieved in Europe and elsewhere, it became clear that Ace Of Base were not just pretty faces. The two leading Ace Of Base composers Jonas Berggren and Ulf Ekberg were acclaimed as innovative composers and skilled producers and arrangers, ably assisted in the studio by the aforementioned Denniz PoP, having on board also the production team T.O.E.C., PoP crony Douglas Carr, the producer duo Adebratt & Ekman and several re-mix teams, including David Morales.

They were also the best-ranking Swedes in the USA and the only Scandinavian artist to enjoy a #1 album on the Billboard sales chart - actually, they made it three times to #1, as the album soared high on the strength of the singles released, thus going back into the Top Spot on the Billboard chart twice again after its initial feat. Their singles were subject to massive doses of airplay as well across the pond, winning the BMI million performances award twice, for "The Sign" and "All That She Wants".

At present, with countless Gold and Platinum awards to their name, the future of Ace Of Base looks bright as both Jonas and Ulf have grown significantly as composers, contributing songs to other artists besides Ace Of Base. The stature of Ace Of Base as "best-selling Scandinavian Artist" of the Nineties was recently reiterated, as Ace Of Base achieved their fourth World Music Award in a row, while cumulative album sales were up to 27 million units. Ace Of Base presented the Jenny Berggren composition "Ravine", with Jenny herself handling the lead vocal duties.

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