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Don "DC" Curry

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If someone you've just met on the street (or someone you've known all your life, for that matter) tells you something that immediately sounds absurd like, "The sky is green" or "the world is flat," you'd probably be well advised to keep on moving down the street� in the opposite direction. Nevermind looking back.

But if you hear it form perhaps the south's most popular and the nation's fastest rising African American comic, Don D.C. Curry, you just might wanna' think twice and here him out. In fact you may want to sit him down and ask him his advice� on� oh, any number of things. Politics, child-rearing, balancing the budget, being a blackman in America or baseball (he's a former pro player).

His response may not be what you expected. It may not even be what you think you want to hear. But by the time he's finished "going off" on one of his patented riffs (and taking you with him), don't be surprised if you find yourself nodding your head in agreement with the wildest assertions that somehow make "good common sense." Say what you will about his position on the issues. Try and understand that it's the truth as he sees it. The world according to Don "D.C." Curry.

You see, this guy doesn't see things the way you and I do. He's very serious about what he sees and what he says. He's very serious about what he sees and what he says. His on stage charisma and strong conviction help sale his position. But it's the interpretation that makes him so unique. His tremendous national appeal was evidenced in the fall of 1995 with stellar performances on BET's COMIC VIEW, where he also taped his first 30minute special.

He also won top honors as "Comedian of The Year" for the 1995-96 season. As a result he was awarded the hosting job of this nationally televised cable daily strip, beginning fall '96. Earlier in the year he kicked off his winning ways by winning the highly lauded star-launcher, The Annual Bay Area Black Comedy Competition in Oakland which puts him in alumni status with some of the nation's finest.

Touring constantly, he's slaying live audiences all across the country both as a headliner in some of the nation's hottest clubs and as a concert act with some of comedy's brightest stars. Just ask anybody about D.C. Curry. Granted, some still have yet to be introduced. But just someone who knows comedy or simply enjoys a great stand up performance. They'll tell you, Don "D.C." Curry is the future. In fact, he's blowing up right now.

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