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The Responders

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The Responders are a five-piece band, that come out of a small town called Rochester, MA. The bands upbringing wasn’t too pretty, for there were many failed attempts. The band started to gain some recognition, mostly due to the small venues that the band played at. The Responders are a band that makes feel good music with a groovy touch, mainly due in part to their influences from various different artists. The two core members who formed the band (Shane Fitzgerald and Eli Kovacevich) have helped to really solidify the current sound of the band. After years and years of experimenting with different genres of music, to later develop what remains. This group of enthusiastic musicians started playing gigs in their hometown, and slowly after being recognized as true musicians who “really have something going for them.” They started to fully pursue music as something that was once only thought of as a dream. Guitarist Nick Morill was influenced by many artists who rose to the top in the 90’s. He brought along his influences into the band which helped to blend the with the Blues Rock feel that Fitzgerald introduced. Lyn Catobe, the bassist of the band has studied with guitarist Louis LoCiero, who has really helped to develop her ear as a Jazz, Blues and Rock Musician. Kelly Bruce, an aspiring artist since age eight, helped her to make a name for herself. When she first began singing, everyone recognized her as the “girl with the best voice.” Being able to sing in four octaves has allowed her as well as the band to experiment with many different genres of music for covers and originals. As for Kovacevich and Fitzgerald, they have had an ongoing development as musicians. Pushing everything out of the way and only leaving music to thrive, has been their major development to having a successful band.

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