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Maja Zaloznik&Moonshine Band

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Maja Založnik is a Slovenian singer. She is well known on the domestic music scene for her powerful voice and excellent stage presence. Her interpretations of different music styles leave no one cold. She has collaborated with many bands and other famous Slovenian singers, such as Uroš Perić – Perry, Trkaj, Samuel Lucas, Heretic, Big Addiction and Sweet Peak. Maja was part in many Slovenian TV shows, such as Hri-Bar, Popstars, Misija Evrovizija… Experiences from these shows and other auditions gave her confidence a big boost and convinced her to persist in world of music and fight for her dreams. Majas’ distinctive appearance, her approach to music and attractive retro look on stage attracted much attention on the domestic music scene, including the attention of other Slovenian artists. Maja was invited by Slovenian singers Gal and Severa Gjurin to collaborate with them on the popular unplugged live show Izštekani, which is broadcast by the Slovenian national radio. Needless to say their performance got excellent reviews. Maja is very proud to be writing and recording her own songs. She recorded a song called “Sweet Sugar Honey”, which she co-authored with Uroš Perić - Perry. In 2013 she began collaborating with the band Papas. Their first single “Vzemi, vse ti dam” became a hit in Slovenia. Currently Maja Založnik & Papas are playing concerts and working on new songs. In 2014 Maja took part in the 4th season of The Voice of Germany. She made it through the blind audition where Samu Haber, the front man of the Finnish band Sunrise Avenue, chose her to be part of his team. She won her first battle against another talented singer, Floriana, where she impressed everyone with her interpretation of Maroon 5’s “Maps”. She joined Samu in Helsinki where she met the rest of his band and performed with them in the club “On the Rocks”. Unfortunately she didn’t make it through the knockout stage to the live shows, but her interpretation of Etta James’ “I just want to make love to you” was praised by all the coaches and the German audience. In Slovenia, we could hear her in band Luminodoche, with whom she recorded a CD, called 'Tobogan', she worked with Sweet Peak - with them she also recorded excellent video for the song ''Le Croissant'', she recorded a duet with blues , soul and jazz singer and pianist Uros Peric-Perry ''Sweet sugar honey''. She has also collaborated with a group Papas with them she recorded the song and video for the song ''Vzemi vse ti dam''. Twice he was on a boat, where she gained a lot of experience. In 2015 she began to work with Serbian band Moonshine from Novi Sad! Band Moonsine are Kosta Mađarević bassist, drummer Ljubisa Ponjević, pianist Milos Marceta, guitarist Predrad Djuric Tica. Together they released the song ''You are my life'' in Dallas records.

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