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Swing Fever

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Members of the Lincoln-based jazz band Swing Fever use their different backgrounds of classical and Euro-influenced music to encourage each other to take risks when it comes to music. We are Jerry Renaud on guitar and vocals, Eric Toombs on drums and percussion, Gene Davis on bass and vocals, – all from Lincoln – and Pance Zaev - on clarinet and sax - is from Macedonia and has a Ph.D from UNL. Jerry and Gene met and began playing together about 10 years ago. We met Eric about five years ago. We all had an interest in jazz and standards (and many other genres) and we created Swing Fever as a side project to pursue those interests. We met Pance through another musician we all know and there was an immediate spark between us from the first time we played together.

Pance received his Ph.D. in clarinet studies and his primary background is in classical music. He grew up in Macedonia, so he also brings the influence of Euro-music (pop, folk, etc.) to his playing. Nat King Cole and other great vocalists meant a great deal to us. Swing Fever is currently working in the studio making our first extended record. It should be completed in early 2016. From the beginning all the members wanted Swing Fever to be a situation where each of us could grow musically. We encourage each other to take chances and push the envelope during performances. We’ve all grown so much and that is the most satisfying aspect for me.Now we want to expand into some different parts of the country and some different types of gigs.

We want the audience to feel the fun and pure joy we experience playing together! It all starts there.

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