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Jeff Steinberg

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Jeff Steinberg; is a MASTERPIECE IN PROGRESS! Yet to see him, he looks like anything BUT a Masterpiece. Born August 18, 1951, with what most folks would call "handcaps." he was born with NO arms, badly deformed legs and a doctor's prediction that he would not survive. Jeff grew up mostly in hospitals and homes for the handicapped, was rejected by his parents and was forgotten by virtually everyone else. Jeff Steinberg spent most of his early life in hospitals, including Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children in Philadelphia, PA, where he underwent orthopedic surgery, learned to walk with a brace and was fitted with my first prosthetic arm. At age nine, he was placed into The Good Shepherd Home for the Physically Handicapped in Allentown, PA, where he lived until he was 19.

Through the love of a local couple, Jeff discovered the truth that became the foundation of his life: "...I am fearfully and wonderfully made." "I'm a Masterpiece In Progress - And I want you to know it! My disabilities are assets, not liabilities." Jeff is a humorist / speaker / singer and author with a very special message; that a real handicap is "…anything that keeps me from being or becoming all that I was created to be!" It is a most unique message for an entertainer, that each person in the audience is a "Masterpiece In Progress!"

For nearly 43 years, Jeff have traveled more than four million miles throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, letting people know that they, too, are wonderfully created with potential they never dreamed possible. He has performed for a variety of audiences, including corporate events for companies that include State Farm Insurance, Amway and more, He has enjoyed performing on TV Variety Shows & telethons.

Jeff Steinberg has shared the stage with such names as Barbara Mandrell, Zig Ziglar, John Goodman, Tony Orlando, Mary C. Crowley, Petra, Jim Nabors, Ray Charles and the list goes on.

A true highlight of his career was a memorable appearance on stage and sang for Mother Teresa of Calcutta during her 1989 U.S. visit. As you begin to understand what a winner Jeff Steinberg is, you can begin to realize what a winner you can be!

In 1987 Jeff was honored to be inducted into The Good Shepherd Hall of Fame For People with Disabilities for achievements in the field of music, for advocacy on behalf of the physically challenged, and for carrying the message that everyone is a Masterpiece in Progress. He's also a 2012, 2013 & 2014 nominee for the Artist Music Guild Heritage Awards for 1.) Male Vocalist of the year; 2.) Comedian of the year and 3.) Crossover Artist, of the year.

Jeff Steinberg shares a message of hope, humor & encouragement, inspiration and a unique challenge: "You're a Masterpiece In Progress." You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll leave with an "I can do all things..." attitude.

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