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Cult Revolution

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We are a tribute band out of orlando florida named the CULT REVOLUTION. We are a tribute to THE CULT! We pride our selfs as the best Cult tribute on earth. We are 100% in every area. The look, the sound, the stage show. We have been meticulous in every way to bring the fans a EXACT REPLICA of a live cult show. We play note for note off the records and do not put our own spins on songs ever. If the Cult didnt do it we dont do it. Our players are exact replicas of the real players too. Our Billy Duffy is spot on and EXACT same gear amps and guitars. Oour Ian Ashtbury sounds and looks so much like Ian himself its chilling. We have been a band for years now and have played with many nationals as well for Dean guitars events. The deal with us is we dont have any booking agent pushing us. We def need it for we are ready and want the next step. We have transport and a trailer and are ready to play shows at the drop of a hat, we just need to find them :). Thats where you come in right ! So id like to start some kind of dialogue with you guys and see where it goes from there. Attached i have some of our performances at different venues so you can get the jist that we are extremely professional and ready!

Recently the old drummer for the CULT, Les Warner heard our band and was so impressed he offered to sit in and play with us. We flew him down and we rocked the show with him. It was a honor to play with him and he was so overly impressed he said he wants to do it again! So we are flying him in to orlando for our Thanksgiving Eve show. Having the support of original members is awesome !

If there is anything you need please feel free to e mail me at

Thank You, Ryan

here are the live videos for you.

here is with the original cult drummer LEs Warner-

you will get the idea. there are so many vids of our on line you can see.

our FB page

ok im done now ;)

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