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Exact Opposites

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Exact Opposites is a collective of musical talent drawn together to create quality composition with a unique style. An enlightened declaration, poetically driven lyrics and profoundly passionate delivery are all elements that define Exact Opposites, inevitably setting them aside from other artists. Ruth Nolan, of KCET Artbound contributes that Exact Opposites, "create original transformational music with a style all their own, drawn from their lives in this unlikely dessert mecca." This also makes it challenging to confine their music to a particular genre as their music fuses various elements from indie rock, to soul, to their hip hop roots.

Their latest release, "The Learning Experience" is acclaimed for containing such intellectual lyricism and clever rhyming structure over their infectious original live instrumentation. The rhyme structure and patterns of I.Fit.The.Description and Meccanism compliment each other; one the exact opposites of the other. Meccanism's boundless verbal configuration and asymmetrical word play are a perfect balance to Script's immeasurable rhyme structure and counterbalance lyricism.

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