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Pickled Okra

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If Pickled Okra’s special brand of Americana music can be described with words, one might say “old-school, porch-settin’, singin' into a can-style bluegrass”. If you ask them, they might call it “ham and cheese grass”. Either way, their music is full of ideas borrowed from old time fiddle tunes, jazzy delta blues, pop, rock, reggae and funk as well, for a sound that is timeless yet modern in it's own quirky way. It’s kind of like stepping back in time, but with indoor plumbing. This group - made up of two married couples, all characters in their own right - is undeniably charming, and undeniably entertaining. Not to mention pretty darn talented. old-school, porch-settin’, sing into a can-style bluegrass - with a twist

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