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K. Sparks

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K. Sparks is a Christian rap artist, music producer and writer that has inked and crafted several songs for various artists; K. Sparks truly embodies the term Real Hip Hop. With his passionate tone, sincere lyrics, and drive for Christ it is very clear that he is on a mission to help up lift people through music.

K. Sparks was born in South Jamaica Queens New York to a family that instilled the basic values of hard work within him. Growing up, he always knew he was destined to be an artist, "I would write lyrics in my the end of the day I would have about 5 songs". At the age of 15, he started performing in various talent venues and began to create a buzz for himself within the Queens area. A short time later, he began recording several of his original songs.

From 2007-2012 As his level of recognition grew he began to record and write for numerous recording artist while gaining radio spins on major stations such as Hot 97 from Peter Rosenberg and Hot 93.7 in CT, Featured on MTV Mix tape Mondays twice (April 2007), Rap Fanatic Magazine (June 2007), DJ Booth Best New Artist Award (Jan 2009), Source Magazine Unsigned Hype (Jan 2010) okay player (Jan 2010) URB Magazine (Mach 2010), Tune core Featured Artist (Aug 2010) Performances at A3C Hip Hop Festival (Oct 2010), Performance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (July 2011) Featured on DJ Envy's Audio Uprising Album (November 2011) and countless appearances on websites such as 2dopeboyz, DJ Booth, Kevin Nottingham, HipHopDX, All Hip Hop, Nahright and numerous others.

"I had everything material, drove nice cars, expensive jewelry, nice house, but still felt something was missing. I learned things can never make a person happy, only living a fulfilling life with purpose can do that" In August of 2012 his creative direction changed for the better; which created a new passion within him to uplift people through music with a more positive message. K. Sparks started to work on a collection of songs that evolved into his upcoming album entitled “Read between the Lines” that is slated to be released in December of 2012.

A graduate of York College of New York, K. Sparks resides in NY with his wife and daughter. His passion for music and drive for Christ fuels his drive to continue helping people through music. Known for the saying, "Persistence wears down resistance, so you have to always pursue your vision and never waiver" K. Sparks combines life experiences, social commentary and a witty sense of humor to provide the listener with a more in depth look at society, and message of encouragement and hope.

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