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Blossom Brackman

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As a seasoned soilder, Apostle Prophet Brackman's story is amazing and wonderful. Blossom was born in Birmingham, England, conceived from a rape. Blossom is living proof that what God has blessed, no man can curse. Througout her life she struggled with and was healed from a 20 year drug and alcohol additiction, in one day after an encounter with God. Her two and a half pack a day cigarette habit also disappeared and her testimjony does not stop there. Later in life she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. When the surgeon scheduled to remove it, there was no cancer. In addition to her physical and emotional experiences and great efforts to overcome life's difficulties, she was also stricken with Hepatits C. Only by God's miraculous hand, she as completely healed. Prophet Brackman stands as a testimony of what the power of God can do. Blossom as 1 daughter and 3 grandchildren who she loves dearly. Her passion has taken her to the streets all the way to Capitol Hill.

Her resume is impressive. Founder, Chairperson, President of 10 organizations, Overseer over multiple ministries, Street ministry, Associate Pastor, Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Life Skills Coach, Biblical Counselor, Teacher, multiple years of Radio and Television outreach and author are just a few of her accomplishments.

Prophetic Apostle Blossom Brackman is fueled by the vision God has given her to help change the world. Her continued passion is to support individuals with the challenges of life.

To listen and walk with her is truly life changing. You will be glad you did.

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