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Linda Laws

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Linda Laws has many titles. She is a teacher, author, model and singer. Laws is the author of a top 25 poetry book, and has been placed on the list of top writers with the likes of Sonia Sanchez and Nathan McCall. She has also been a spokesperson and emcee for many ceremonies and shows.

Miss Laws started singing at the age of nine in her church choir, and performed throughout the years in a number of churches.

In recent years, Miss Laws has completed a CD entitled Soul Butterfly. Soul Butterfly consists of many singles loved by many fans. Las Vegas Groove is just one of the many foot stomping grooves, and is a stepper song and dance that promotes Las Vegas and its strip. The Soul Butterfly album also boasts hits like Gonna Get Nasty, Soul Butterfly and She's Not Your Girlfriend. The album is continuing to sell online, as well as, nationally and internationally.

The world should prepare itself for Miss Laws' arrival. She is an artist and performer who has performed in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia, and she still has more to give! To hear a song and truly feel it - Meet Miss Linda Laws!

Miss laws travels with a five-piece band and three backup singers (Unlimited Sounds Experience). Their musical repertoire covers a wide musical spectrum (Pop, Jazz, Motown, R&B, Disco, etc.).

Miss Laws's current release “Reality” , is out and doing quite well. Truly a CD for the times, "Reality " is turning quite a few heads and ears in the music industry. The more than 100,000 visitors to her various internet sites are a true testament to her ever-increasing popularity.

Here’s Linda…

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