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Azuri Moon - Ship of The Rising Sun

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My name is Azuri Zen Moon and I am a professional guitar player with my degree in guitar performance. I have been playing for over 10 years and have been teaching professionally for nearly 5. I play relatively all styles ranging from blues, jazz, funk, fusion, latin, country, metal all the way to flamenco, classical, gypsy, greek, japanese, etc. Our band has been together for over 5 years and has played opening for acts such as seven walkers (members from the grateful dead), FLock of Seagulls etc. and have played largely all over the west coast even in Hawaii. We have a massive original repertoire as well as an extensive classic rock, funk and jazz catalog. Our music is infused with live dance in the forms of pop-n-lock and breakdancing and is a full formed performance with exceptional musicianship.

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