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Luk nichols & The Other Side Of Midnight

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Luk Nichols

For as long as he can remember, Luk wanted to do two things, play basketball and play guitar. He set out to follow his dreams which ultimately meant leaving his small rural town, Milburn KY. Milburn is a breath east of the Mississippi with barely 500 residents. Although he did play basketball, it became obvious that he was destined to play and sing country music. His journey lead him to Lexington KY, where he now calls home. This is where he met up with the guys in his band, “The Other Side of Midnight”. Luk is a born entertainer. When he sings he is pure country, when he plays guitar he’s a little bit country and a whole lot of rock and roll.

Willy Freebody

Drummer Willy grew up in and around music. Although he spent many weekends hanging around his dad’s studio, he did not take music seriously until after college. He had a brief stint as a guitarist in his early teens, but decided to go the sports route in high school. He worked feverishly to catch up, drumming as much as 4-6 hours a day. His enthusiastic and ambitious attitude is infectious. The moment he and Luk first jammed together they knew each had the motivation to go to the next level.

Patrick Montgomery

Guitarist Luk and Willy needed to find a couple of more musicians to expand the band. Thus enters Patrick. They already knew Patrick as they all attended the same school, The Lexington School for Recording Arts. Patrick shares the same enthusiasm and passion for performing that is the driving force for Luk and Willy. He is a strong singer and an accomplished guitarist. Now the band needed one more piece, a bass player to complete the band.

Hunter Frederick

Bassist Hunter and Patrick are long time friends. They have been playing music together since the eighth grade. So it was an easy decision for Hunter to join the group. Beside being a excellent vocalist and bassist, Hunter provides the band with that intangible essential quality that escapes most musicians, presence. His charismatic aura is contagious. He is the energy of the band.

Together they are Luk Nichols and the Other Side of Midnight.

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