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Mad Men

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Taking a cue from the early 60's British Invasion Mad Men have taken that style and updated it to a hip and modern sound.

Formed in 2010 and Led by guitarist and vocalist Stevie D. who's extensive musical background includes having toured around Europe in the Early 90’s Playing alternative rock with a group called “Creep” opening for such main stream rock acts as “ Motorhead” and “ Iron Maiden”. The female fronted band gained notoriety from it’s shows along with radio and tv appearances on European networks, and its Singers total exposure on the pages on Playboy Magazine in the US.

Multi-instrumentalist Sean "Sman" Fodor anchor's Mad Men on Bass. Sman has composed, produced, and engineered music for high profile musicians Grammy-nominated artists such as George Lynch (Dokken, Lynchmob), Nataraj Tribino (PM Dawn, Maroon 5), Harlow, Tracy Arrington (Al Green, Steve Miller, Curtis Delgato), Jeb Milne (Roger Daltry, Air Supply, LuLu).

On the skins is Frankie Martinez, Fankie became fascinated with drums after watching Keith Moon. After many stints as a hard rock drummer, he delved into the delicacies and nuances of jazz and Latin. Pretty soon after that he had earned accolades as a blues and R$B drummer.

He played with Maria Conchita Alonso, Taylor Dayne, Ike and Valerie Woods, Betty Wright, Deriosh(Famous Persian artist), Bertie Higgins, & Franco Devitta.

Frankie has also written musical compositions for Universal music, Telemundo, & and many film projects as well.

Mad Men, grab a Martini and take the ride back to a classier time and place...

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